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  1. Pherdnut

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    I'm in Andersonville. There was a Jeep Rubicon parked in front of my apartment the other day. Jeep GCs with custom work, lifted pickups, and Outbacks with racks that look like they actually get used all over the place.
  2. Pherdnut

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    Are the showrooms and service centers one and the same? I didn't have that impression and it seems like IL Rivian customers are screwed if service center is critical to delivery until the latest in dealership shenanigans is sorted out.
  3. Pherdnut

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Especially in Chicago though. You see construction start and then stop for months sometimes before they finish it. Especially road work. Maybe they need to wait for stuff to settle sometimes after they tear up the roads though. Not sure.
  4. Pherdnut

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Somebody at Slashgear thought we were supposed to be first apparently: Wonder if the [email protected]#$ing dealerships ruined that plan. It's so lame Tesla got an exclusive exemption.
  5. Pherdnut

    INTERESTING POLL: Surprised at how low Rivian Scored!! Future concerns?

    Yeah it makes no sense to spend money on wider brand awareness before their first factory can really start cranking 'em out in a year or two when word of mouth will do a ton of that for free while they're still getting up to speed. I'd say they've solved any money problems they might have had...
  6. Pherdnut

    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    Well nothing new for me. I'm starting to think we're our own worst enemies when it comes to finding stuff out about Rivian's trucks way too early.
  7. Pherdnut

    INTERIOR feature / details just posted at

    Nice for less great outdoorsey RV campsites that are chill with EVs/RT-tents when road tripping. I think it contributes to the interior sound when plugged in so you might not want to sell it.
  8. Pherdnut

    Rivians spotted in Auckland, NZ

    So they sent one to the other side of the planet before they sent one to Chicago now.
  9. Pherdnut

    Some information on delay... passenger side impact crash test

    Crash testing was wrapped when they said the pilot line was finished like in August. Like much of the auto industry they've said they've been having supply chain issues.
  10. Pherdnut

    Poll of currently configured wheel options

    I like the R1S 20s on an El Cap R1T for some reason.
  11. Pherdnut

    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    They also yoinked the cheesy upcharge for the different rims originally featured exclusively on R1S vs R1T.
  12. Pherdnut

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Also, I hope most of the good eats around there survived Covid. That is a super foody neighborhood. Rivian employees there will have some excellent lunches.
  13. Pherdnut

    Chicago Rivian Sales Location Under Construction

    Oh damn. I was wondering how they were going to use the old building. Answer: They weren't.
  14. Pherdnut

    Who is order #1?

    Amazon hadn't invested yet.
  15. Pherdnut

    Official: Rivian Experience – Purchasing, Return Policy & Charging

    I'm puzzled by all the pessimism. They're going to have reached out to everybody by Thanksgiving? So now we know it takes about 4-6 weeks turnaround time to process and build out an order, assuming they plan on wrapping LE deliveries in December. So if nobody hears anything by mid-May, then yes...
  16. Pherdnut

    Blue Origin uses two Rivian R1T Trucks for capsule recovery

    *checks calendar and googles for CT prototype redesign unveil - so... do you think the Cybertruck isn't looking at a significant delay then?
  17. Pherdnut

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    I'm sure you can just take the floor out if you prefer without.
  18. Pherdnut

    Thoughts on seeing a Rivian in person for the first time....

    Could people at the next city please start asking why TF we haven't seen one in Chicago yet? I mean, it's not like we're 5 states away from the factory or anything.
  19. Pherdnut

    Ford & Rivian - Motortrend article on the relationship & future plans

    Bronco seems unlikely. Rivian would be competing with themselves. Explorer seems like a pretty good bet.
  20. Pherdnut

    Did Nobody Post the Winch Sighting Yet?

    I know Babbuino's in here from time to time so apologies if I'm duping.