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    Range visible in latest Rivian Story

    Impressive sleuth-age :-) … can’t wait to see if the theory pans out. 😁
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    Over Under on how many R1S and R1Ts are delivered in 2021

    Just to maybe reset expectations - the Bloomberg article is quoting information from “a source familiar with the strategy” dating to at least as far back as February. The source said they think Rivian plans to build 40K units. Bloomberg divided by 52 to come up with “averaging almost 800 per...
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    Prefix: Maker of R1T and R1S introductory show vehicles

    Thank you @skyote and @SpinDoc7 … those are the ones!!! 👍🏽
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    Prototype Vehicle Manufacturer?

    Pretty sure someone posted a link to a small company that had actually produced the very first one(s). There‘s a handful of these companies that do a lot of this actually for the big car shows, etc.
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    Prototype Vehicle Manufacturer?

    I’m searching the archives here, but not seeing it … Does anyone remember seeing a link to the name of the company that built the VERY early prototype the Rivian brought to shows? I seem to recall it’s a small company either in Michigan or mid-west that does this for a lot of OEMs
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    Wheel and color selection will affect your Rivian production / delivery timing - says Guide

    Pretty sure I saw the 22” option is a 275/50 (in fact they’re all 275 section) … 325 is massive, and a would have to be a non-square setup …
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    Also came across these since there was comparison to underbody protection on the Tesla. They made a modification after some accidents, but the difference is a minor deflector bar and a couple of SMALL plates that cover a narrow gap that exposed a HV cable. The battery didn’t get more shielding...
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    My guess is that the underbody is super smooth with or without the off-road package. I doubt aerodynamics is different enough one way or the other to affect range. I guess we don’t know enough to know if the mass is a meaningful effect. Tire tread and weight were probably the biggest factor and...
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    Good point. Hooks are a giveaway that this was a very early version.
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    Found’em … #1 looks like off-road package but shields clearly aren’t on yet. #2 is hard to tell #3 may be pre-production or is showing the non-off-road underbody (plastic or FRP?) aero covering
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    Totally agree. The Tesla battery shielding was good and they revised them I think after some hard lessons. I have to imagine Rivian is doing that as the baseline.
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    I totally agree and mine will probably never see “that kind” of off-road so I’m fine spending the 2K on something else anyway. The engineer in me was just curious how different the standard vs. off-road package was (aside from the tow hooks and the tires that 50% probably opted out of anyway)...
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    Any pictures of Rivian underside / undercarriage?

    I feel like there was a thread with a truck on a lift and everyone was debating whether they were assembly workers, engineers, guides … I’m trying to remember how much of the underbody shields it might show …
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    Rivian VIN Decoder 🔐

    Good point. Now I’m wondering when is it a difference in model, body style, engine vs an option package? I’ve got some research to do.
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    Rivian VIN Decoder 🔐

    Interesting that they encode the trim level in the VIN. Feels like it’s been many years since auto companies did that or am I mis-remembering
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    The “Coming Soon, stay tuned” list

    I think the vent question is whether they work like the model 3 or a more conventional, mechanically directed vent? They look more along the line of the model 3 …
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    Video: Rivian Mules Spotted in Canyons - Showing Nice Acceleration and Body Roll

    I was just going to ask about sway bars. More like the McLaren setup … 👍🏽
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    What will we learn 5/17-5/23?

    I miss MadTV … 🤪
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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Tantric … LMAO. VERY apropos
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    Chase Auto Financing Rates now available for 2022 Rivian

    I’d think the question about long term reliability/quality might affect residual on a lease, not necessarily an outright financed purchase? Any lending experts want to weigh in??