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    How many of you changed your configuration color to Rivian Blue based on the news today?

    Everyone known to have been contacted by a guide was Rivian Blue with Black Mountain interior
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    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    My delivery date notation is completely gone. My assumption is they are still making changes
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    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    yeah... that’s my guess as well. Kinda annoying to publish “criteria” and not be able to speak to it in a way that could allow people to adjust ahead of time for things that aren’t material to them that could have an effect on the delivery outcome.
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    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    i tried and was told that they didn’t have the details on if/how to do that but that our Guides would be able to help. Not a surprising answer. I hope that we can given what I expect are very low pre-order numbers where I am.
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    Amazon’s Rivian van begins delivering packages in its third U.S. city

    That’s awesome! Maybe with them doing that in Tulsa then either Tulsa or OKC (with their pretty new amazon warehouse) could be a central location for distribution or in-person events. They aren’t necessarily related but one can dream while waiting for their R1T
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    Off Topic Chatter (Drinks, Travel, Photos, Anything Goes)

    Japanese Whiskey can be quite good. I’ve never actually seen that Yamazaki here in Oklahoma but I’ve heard its great. Suntory has several offerings that I have had here that very enjoyable. You should pick some up at least once to try. I haven’t really been disappointed in any of the ones I have...
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    Well played
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    Agreed on needing to have it and drive for a bit to confirm so you can find its personality. No doubt the same with my dogs too.
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    What will you name your Rivian?

    I thought I would ask a fun question as we wait for more details to be released. A lot of people, myself included, name their vehicles for a variety of reasons. I’ve done this with virtually every vehicle I’ve owned and will do so again with my R1T. I’ve currently got Launch Green configured...
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    Spotted R1T @ San Jose Whole Foods

    My RAM had 5 ride height options: Entry/Exit, Normal, Aero, Off-road 1 and off-road 2.All could be set manually with the selector switch on the dash. Normal and Aero where also dynamic based upon speed. I would expect this will be basically the same on the Rivian with the exception of it being...
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    Official Meridian - Rivian Announcement

    FWIW, I asked CS about this last week and provided pictures for clarity. They basically said the pocket with buckle/clip like you see in the configurator “are here to stay” but did also note that there are some accent trim differences in the pocket between the Launch/Adventure editions and the...
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    R1T bed and Tonneau cover concerns

    In regards to losing space, I have been told that the tonneau will retract fully into the housing and not protrude out into the bed like a lot of other roll up tonneau covers do. The overhead shots posted from the drone footage seem to confirm this which is good.
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    I had asked about this awhile back and got the more to come later response. I am hopeful that is another question that can be officially answered very soon. I can’t imagine something that common would not be included at this point but you never know.
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    RJ posts Rivian winter testing video

    It looks fantastic that’s for sure. Nice to see it in a bit of real world view. Hopefully we hear a lot more about it very soon.
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    Rivian confirms POWERED tailgate has now been KILLED

    Not sure why this was attributed to me. I don’t own a Tesla :) But I do agree that value isn’t about being the cheapest. Value is relative by any individual. I am certainly willing to pay a premium for something that resonates with me at a personal level that may not mean much to someone else...
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    Rivian confirms POWERED tailgate has now been KILLED

    At this point given the overall discrepancies in answers to various members here on a variety of topics, including the purpose of this thread on the power tailgate, I’m simply waiting for an official reveal and test drive to get my hands on it to confirm just about anything rather than rely on...
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    What We Know - Collecting Information Directly From Rivian

    I just asked about this again and I was told that information was coming. I also asked about the ability to simply release the tailgate from the keyfob, app and UI in addition to the bed rail release. This should require it to be dampened but I got the same answer of more information is coming.
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    I think you misinterpreted what I said. I don’t believe anyone thinks the Rivian is attempting to be a full size wheelbase vehicle at all. The “unique approach” you mention plays into everything I said. How it drives, how do I feel sitting in the cab, the overall UX, how the technology ecosystem...
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    Finalizing Orders When?

    100% agreed on this. Not only do I want to see how it really drives and handles outside of what videos show us, I need to see what it feels like inside (I’m used to larger, full size truck interiors) and what the overall drive experience (to incorporate all technology functions) is as compared...