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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    More evidence that Rivian blue has some crazy mercurial chromatic alchemy going on. In some pictures . . . well, meh. In other pictures, yowza! I prefer a color I like most/all the time so my first choice is not RIvian blue, but it would be great to see this in person to know just what kinds...
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    Rivian Charging Station in Salida, CO is Under Construction

    Headed into the mountains this week. Hope it is one of the last summer family camping trips we make in an ICE vehicle. Excited to see the progress in Salida, and looking forward to reports of other stations elsewhere in CO and around the US -- and Canada.
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    Rivian Crossover

    A Rivian camper van, inspired by their Amazon deliver trucks and the R1 vehicles, would be fantastic! We wouldn't utilize one of those for a number of years. In the meantime, we would love a Rivian-developed station wagon/crosstrek/rally car, which is something we would buy not too long after...
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    Can we turn interior camera off?

    A thread after my own heart. I'm hoping I can put tape over the camera, and accept that some assisted driver features won't be available. If tape over the camera means the vehicle won't start or move, then I will look for a different vehicle.
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    Does anyone actually like the wood in the Black Mountain interior?

    Cool to see that this poll is up to 115 votes. So far the Forest Edge wood shade has a demanding lead. Yup! As @Snakelipdog and @CommodoreAmiga indicated, a contrast helps define the interior. Be it darker seats and lighter wood, or vice versa. Rivian - take note, indeed! Only 27% of...
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Man, this thread moves fast . . . this post is a throw back to some exchanges in posts around 1380-1390 or so about user controls. There have been exchanges in the past, in other threads, about the decision to replace so many physical controls with a touchscreen, and whether or not that is a...
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    Does anyone actually like the wood in the Black Mountain interior?

    Agreed with @skyote, good eye! Made me go back at look more carefully at pictures in post #19 above from @MountainBikeDude. The shot from the driver's side back door that looks diagonally across the cabin to the front passenger door shows a lighter-colored wood in the front door of that...
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    Does anyone actually like the wood in the Black Mountain interior?

    The shade does look really different in the images compared with the renderings. Also, my eyes must be going because in some of the contours, with the light at a specific angle on the seats, the Black Mountain starts to look like forest green. I'm developing a sneaking suspicion that we are...
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    Update Configuration Deselects Launch Edition

    I'm having a different problem with the updated Rivian website. Anyone else getting this?
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    Does anyone actually like the wood in the Black Mountain interior?

    Voting has been static on this (likely because of all the other very interesting stuff to discuss since mid March). Looking at the results, the medium wood shade is a clear winner. I'm a little surprised at how close it is between the other two choices, the Ocean Coast trim and the existing...
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    Poll on info required before you order

    Cool! Cybersecurity is such a fascinating field, and I appreciate your feedback. I'm fine with a boring answer, I'd just like an answer. After all, the purpose of this thread is a list of information needed before finalizing a purchase, and these items are on my list. I'm not in...
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    Apogee Off Road Introduction/R&D Truck Inquiry

    +1 on post #9 in full. It is amazing to me that an adventure vehicle doesn't come with a full-sized spare. Rivian touts their outreach to outdoor-minded people, "adventurers", and then somehow designs a vehicle that doesn't come standard with a full-sized spare. Huh.
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    Poll on info required before you order

    Not on the list but absolute essential to me: safety, security, and privacy. Safety: If I buy this vehicle, I am trusting my life, my family's life, and the life of other drivers, pedestrians, cyclists etc. that this software-laden vehicle isn't going to pull a schnizzy-fritz and take us all...
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    Guidebook for Guide engagements

    I hope that the "what we don't know" thread is useful. Good questions in this thread that I've added: If there are missing items, post them to that thread so...
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    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    Any more news about whether both 20" wheels are forged? Another thread passed along info from customer service that says both versions of the 20" are forged (, however, I know there has been some...
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    42 Rivian Adventure Network Charging Stations Announced For Colorado (Including All State Parks)

    Update on the charging situation in Salida, CO: One quotation from the article that I hope gets some traction: "The strategy has worked for Wood as a business owner. In 2013, he...
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Great color analogy! I like the deeper blue on the Toyota TRD models, but not the lighter blue flame color.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    That Rivian blue is really hard to pin down, it looks so different depending on lighting, and maybe camera, too. In some pictures I'm surprised at how much I like it, and in other pictures, well . . . something else, please.
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    privacy. and security.

    Great scott! I did say Mother Teresa owns Apple, just in a distributed fashion. Impressively careful reading of the text there! Sorry for the confusion, that’s not what I meant. Rather, I meant that Apple is moving in the right direction, and I’d rather reward them for that, and encourage other...