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    4.4s 0-60 MPH For 2022 F-150 Lightning EV

    4.4s 0-60 MPH For 2022 F-150 Lightning EV
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    Industry Report: R1T, R1S, R2R production start / end dates and model life duration! (+ Tesla Cybertruck, Cybervan, Hummer EV) 🗓

    Here's a motherload of EV truck/SUV production info from an annual vehicle production database/report compiled by IHS Markit, a research and analysis firm. It lists the R1T, R1S and R2R! Also listed are the current Tesla models and future ones such as the Cybertruck, Cybervan and an unnamed...
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    Documents show Rivian's plant moves closer to full scale production

    Rivian’s manufacturing plant moves closer to full-scale production, documents show Source: March 9, 2021 Rivian’s production plant in Normal, Illinois is moving swiftly toward its first days of full-scale...
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    Rivian may offer factory wraps

    Sounds like Rivian may offer factory vinyl wrap!
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    HUMMER EV Pickup first official look What do you guys think? Certainly very traditional looking truck.
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    Rivian R1T to participate in the 2020 Rebelle Rally [Update: 6th Place Finish]

    Good article on the R1T and team participating in the Rebelle Rally. Article via Autoblog: Rivian R1T faces first competitive test in Rebelle Rally Going for overall win against ICE trucks in the 4x4 class Not long ago, the Rivian R1T electric pickup engaged in a very public bit of...
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    White Rivian R1S real life pics (Lunar Rock interior)

    These are from event in February but haven't seen there here before. R1S looks great in white with that white interior (technically, Lunar Rock). :involve:
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    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    And another of the two colors posted by @aAlpine yesterday
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    Yellow and Blue R1T promotional shoot with Normal Police

    From the Normal plant. Taken by Chaitanya Shay Myneni
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    Rough Calculation of Rivian Orders, Delivery Times

    Cybertruck Owners Club forum shows over 7k registered members -
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    New Official Videos: Off-Roading in the Rivian R1T - Rock Crawling, Trail Run, Drifting

    Loving the new footage of the R1T rock crawling and offroading!
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    Rivian Plant Has Reopened. Amazon Van Still On Time. Rivian reopens factory, delays electric pickup/SUV, but Amazon delivery van is still on time May 28, 2020 Rivian announced that it reopened its factory in Normal, Illinois, after...
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    R1T on an FSR, previewed in all colors we know so far.

    Great job! In my mind I had settled on a Green R1T after seeing it for first time in the recent factory video but that Burnt Orange looks mighty good and totally unique!
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    Rivian R2R Rally Inspired Crossover-Wagon Details / Specs Rumored

    Too bad they don't substantiate their source but cool info and the R2R name has a nice ring to it if all this is true. Hope it's got as cool a look as the renders this site post last year : Rivian Rally Model Imagined!
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    Green R1T Pickup first look from development video

    A green R1T makes a really quick first appearance in the test vehicle feature video. Looks lighter here than most green R1S images so I thought it might be a different color, but I've found some pics where the R1S's green looks the same as here. Shows again how much difference lighting and...
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    Rivian videos as posted on Rivian Stories or their YouTube channel.

    I went through almost frame by frame and didn't see any others. The green didn't make much of an impression for me on the R1S but for some reason it just shot up to my #1 color for the R1T after seeing it in the video, even if just a partial shot. Green with black wheels just works perfect on a...
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    Video: NO OTHER Car Has These 5 Features ...Except for RIVIAN!

    Nothing we didn't already know but it's a good reminder of the unique features Rivian brings to the table.
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    Rivian Takes On Direct Sales Battle in Several States

    Helpful thank you. The EV tide can't be stopped and eventually most if not all of the states still protecting the big 3 will have to relent. There's too many EV startups coming for them to tow the line for much longer IMO.
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    New Fully Charged Video about Rivian

    Will anyone here have access?
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    Ford Mach E (full electric SUV) design leaked. 300 mile range, 400+ HP, AWD/RWD