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  1. Ssaygmo

    Tesla Fans

    I like Tesla. I like Rivian. I like lucid. I like Porsche. I like high tech and fast cars and trucks of all kinds. What gets me is Tesla is constantly pushing the envelope and improving things. Rivian has spent so long getting to production, I feel like their inverter/motor tech is already...
  2. Ssaygmo

    Closeup photo of Black Mountain wood interior + Interview with Rivian’s interior expert... Nice!

    Yeah, they had the “exterior reveal” 2 weeks ago now (big surprise, we’ve seen them running around everywhere) but quiet on the interior. Hopefully we haven’t gone from “Bentley” to “rental f150”
  3. Ssaygmo

    Ford 'Lightning' affordable BEV truck trims

    Tesla build quality has improved dramatically in recent years, to the point that it’s basically on par with the big 3 at this point. For RELIABILITY, not build quality, it should be pretty bullletproof, especially compared to Ford, as the Tesla drive systems and electronics have been around and...
  4. Ssaygmo

    Ford 'Lightning' affordable BEV truck trims

    Agree, it looks like a “me too” effort by the designers because rivian, hummer, and cybertruck did it, we have to have a full led bar as well! I especially don’t like the rest, it’s so weird how it crosses over but then has almost normal f150 tail lights attached to it.
  5. Ssaygmo

    What's the point of "Launch Green" if you're not going to launch with it??

    And yet even still, if launch green is simply the primer and a clear coat, then pure logic dictates that’s the most simple to get first out the gate. There would also be the least chance people would be angry that launch green was first to ship because that way they aren’t “picking sides” of a...
  6. Ssaygmo

    How many of you changed your configuration color to Rivian Blue based on the news today?

    Yeah good point. Recall, that blue was the color of the early prototypes trucks they had running around to show off at events, so initially I was very much drawn to it. Could be random chance that most emails today were to blue/black holders, because that’s just what those guys ordered after...
  7. Ssaygmo

    Video comparing "equal" R1T vs. Lightning EV truck

    Totally Totally plausible, but I can get my 45 mile range Chevy volt to display 90 miles range if I roll around at super low speeds and never touch the brakes. Then I can get on the highway and kill the battery in 25 miles at 80mph.
  8. Ssaygmo

    New updates! July deliveries, August test drives, off road package now optional on Launch Edition, gear added to configurator

    And if I get my cybertruck first, my LE r1t order is likely getting cancelled. I got my ct order in the first minute they were available.
  9. Ssaygmo

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    I could see them being worried about releasing info about a delay even if they are expecting it, on the off chance they aren't delayed. Why? Personally, while I've been tempted by the bronco and jeep PHEV, I really want a full electric truck, so I also have a preorder for the cybertruck and...
  10. Ssaygmo

    Sizing up the R1T - Exterior dimensions, specs, details and updates!

    Aka "we measured in a different spot"
  11. Ssaygmo

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Seems like that post was mostly regurgitated info we already had, and photos/screenshots they had already posted. Now the interior post they do I am very interested in, hope they use new photos so we can see finally what the production steering wheel will look like, controls, switchgear, etc.
  12. Ssaygmo

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Exactly. Theres all these public events that they've been showing up to with vehicles, but rather than doing walk throughs for owners, they're catering to politicians or whoever they are trying to impress. Or producing these flashy little snippet videos that have zero worthwhile info in them...
  13. Ssaygmo

    Wonder if Rivian's lending R1T's for "secret" Auto/EV publishers or Auto/EV-bloggers to do reviews?

    THIS I could get on board with, absolutely agree. Encourage the aftermarket to engage and get started on awesome accessories. Giving trucks to journalists before delivering them to pre-orders.... nah. Let the journalists test the same vehicles that Rivian will ship around the country to do in...
  14. Ssaygmo

    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    The fact that the new bronco went from concept to production so quick, and how ford is shipping out test vehicles to demo sites to show the off-road capabilities and making copious videos showing the inside and outside and all specifics of the truck, whereas Rivian still figuring out specifics...
  15. Ssaygmo

    "Launch Green" paint stand-ins

    Right? At this point we've got real photos of most colors out and about in the world, both promotional and from people catching a glimpse of a test vehicle... how is it possible that the most simple paint scheme (primer with clear coat?) isn't running around anywhere?! I'm currently configured...
  16. Ssaygmo

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Agree, and I quite like the look of the tow hooks!
  17. Ssaygmo

    Hummer EV SUV - 5 seats only?

    Awesome news that gm announced a 400 mile electric Silverado, thats huge news and puts dodge/ram/jeep and ford on notice. Sure, the rumble of a v8 is cool sometimes, and the sound of a turbo building boost and feeling the rush of power can be exciting, but around town and considering pure power...
  18. Ssaygmo

    Hummer EV SUV - 5 seats only?

    Given that these are simply pre-orders, all that can change. The only color you can get with the first edition is white, so at least Rivian is giving us options in that regard, even if we only have bad renderings for some colors at this time. Rivian was also running around showing off...
  19. Ssaygmo

    Vent, B!tch & Moaning for the mis-"Guided"

    I wasn’t able to find a thread I. A quick glance, but has anyone talked with rivian about the steering wheel? Is that the final production spec? The previously listed wheel looks very high class to me, like a Porsche/Range Rover wheel, and I love it. The thin bottom spokes, the different...
  20. Ssaygmo

    42 Rivian Adventure Network Charging Stations Announced For Colorado (Including All State Parks)

    Pretty sure he’s referencing getting charge blocked by a Tesla model 3 (m3), not iced by a bmw m3. Both vehicles of which I approve, and great drivers cars, but hoping the rivian drives great on road and fantastic off-road.