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  1. fastwheels

    Range visible in latest Rivian Story

    Good catch! Interesting analysis!
  2. fastwheels

    Test Drives!

    Of course - but I'm using 'August event' as a time marker for whenever that happens - since that is all we know at this point. No point in finalizing my order with a Guide before I actually see the vehicle and colors, etc.
  3. fastwheels

    Test Drives!

    I plan on driving down to Detroit (3.5 hrs) for the event there - really want to see a variety of colors in person. My R1T LE order is 6612 so hopefully the Guide will be contacting me relatively soon after the August event...
  4. fastwheels

    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Excellent!!! They made the May schedule - barely!
  5. fastwheels

    So there is a Delay in Deliveries. Launch Edition starts July

    I'll be heading down to Detroit for the event also - be nice to meet other pre-order folks.
  6. fastwheels

    Is this LE Green?

    Looks different from any I have seen so far...
  7. fastwheels

    So there is a Delay in Deliveries. Launch Edition starts July

    At least they are saying that drive events will begin in August at several locations - I can finally see one in person!
  8. fastwheels

    Custom / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    Now I need the truck to match the license plate!
  9. fastwheels

    Anybody heard from a guide yet?

    I'm not suggesting that more demand for Rivians is necessary now - according to recent poling I have seen, and folks I speak to, the majority of car buyers are not going to buy an EV next anyway. But when these buyers begin considering an EV purchase in a few years, if they are not familiar...
  10. fastwheels

    Anybody heard from a guide yet?

    Well-funded yes, but in the grand scheme of the highly competitive automotive industry they are unknown. Nobody I have mentioned Rivian to in the past 2.5 years have heard of them - most being car enthusiasts and/or ecologically minded. Two or three years from now there are going to be dozens...
  11. fastwheels

    Anybody heard from a guide yet?

    If I was Rivian I would also factor in getting my product out to many areas of the country as possible so the trucks/owners could provide localized marketing. Focusing on just a handful of metro areas with service centers may not be the best plan for a new, relatively unknown company that is...
  12. fastwheels

    Anybody heard from a guide yet?

    I was hoping I could take delivery of the LE R1T at the factory (440 miles south of me) and do a fun shakedown drive home to Northern Michigan, but I agree that probably the factor with the most weight is one's proximity to a service center - especially for the first few thousand vehicles. I am...
  13. fastwheels

    Attrition Rate of Pre-Order Holders? Observation

    If you don't click the 'Enjoy' button the counter does not increment. Many viewers may not be doing that.
  14. fastwheels

    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    This has been a long time coming - very curious to see how it will stack up against the R1T. Ford is about to unveil its electric F-150 Lightning pickup truck (
  15. fastwheels

    What Else Are You Considering?

    I don't need the off-roading functionality of the R1T, but I need/want the truck utility functions - hauling motorcycles in the bed, etc. I also do not want a full size truck, so the F150 electric would not be nearly as appealing as the smaller R1T. I have a deposit on the CT but honestly that...
  16. fastwheels

    It's May....

    With as little information as we have received from Rivian over the past couple of years, we may just as well read as much into it as we can. More fuel for our hopes!
  17. fastwheels

    EV break in requirements

    Recommended first oil change on the C8 is at 7500 miles. Since I took delivery in early October and it hibernated over the Michigan winter, I will probably not get to 7500 before late summer. So in my situation it will be closing in on one year before mv C8 gets its first oil change - the first...
  18. fastwheels

    Introducing Rivian Guides Program: A dedicated Guide for your entire Rivian ownership

    This is great news - another step closer to my R1T! It does make me suspect that June deliveries will be limited if they are just beginning to finalize orders in May...
  19. fastwheels

    Finalizing Orders When?

    That is kind of what I'm getting at - time is running out for these questions to be answered if they are going to begin delivery in June. Last year my Corvette order was finalized in the middle of February for a projected build in May - before COVID shut down the plant. This on a model that...
  20. fastwheels

    Finalizing Orders When?

    Now that we are about 4 months from start of delivery (if Rivian sticks to its June target) I think we should soon be seeing Rivian asking us to finalize our orders. Mine (6612) is probably a couple of months off, but those of you with low order numbers must be getting close. Anyone hearing...