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  1. Why is RIVN market cap ($12 bln) only equal to cash on hand??

    RIVN is forecasted to need another $40bln to reach cash flow positivity in 2026. Inestor’s like the cash war chest but they are burning through cash and will need financial markets to be open to raise more money to reach profitability if the forecasts are right. So it makes sense for the stock...
  2. Anyone racking Fat Tire E-bikes with their Rivian?

    I have the 1UP Super Duty hitch rack and have been using for years to haul my heavy Specialized Turbo Levo which is also not light. Works perfectly
  3. The Ford F-150 Lightning Is the 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year

    You are correct that they dont list that factor as part of their criteria (https://www.motortrend.com/news/motortrend-car-truck-suv-of-the-year-criteria-explained/). Either way in my mind successfully electrifying one of the worlds most popular trucks has to be a factor.
  4. The Ford F-150 Lightning Is the 2023 MotorTrend Truck of the Year

    If we are honest about it the F150 will have a far larger impact on the transition to EVs by the general public than Rivian. The ICE version is the best selling truck in the nation and for many buying the same truck they have always bought but in a well designed EV version will start to make...
  5. Getting ready for Summer Heat -- Glass Roof Sunshade options?

    Have you had an issues with the shade falling off while driving etc?
  6. Pelican/Roam type Rugged Case Organizers

    Do you think these are going to fit underneath the manual tonneau cover whenever it comes?
  7. Rivian's van strategy is flawed says Ford CEO Jim Farley

    Ford’s strategy is less risky than Rivian. It’s simply a higher risk strategy betting it all on one customer. Maybe it will turn out for Rivian but the Ford CEO is undeniably right from a risk/reward point of view.
  8. Adding a 2nd EV to the family, best dual charger?

    I have this and works well so far: ClipperCreek Level 2 Dual EV Charger, Safety Certified, 32 Amp, 240v, Hardwired, 25ft Cables, J1772, Compatible with All Electric Vehicles, HCS-D40 Home Electric Car Charging Station by Enphase https://a.co/d/gWHfn4r
  9. SoCal electrician recommendation for Charger(EVSE) installation ?

    I recommend Dane over at Hammerhead Energy (@hammerheadenergy on Insta). He’s done three installs for me and only does EV charger installs.
  10. R1T Registration in California deemed commercial vehicle

    Had no ideas this was the case. Ive had SUVs most of the time and this is my first pickup so all new to me. Glad I caught this thread.
  11. I submitted a feature request to add a clock to the driver's dash

    Rivian should create a specific way to submit feature requests. I think it would be more efficient for their service and customer service areas. My list includes allowing ability to fully turn off brake regen, ability to lock out the tailgate (i’m nervous about hitting open butt accidentally...
  12. R1T Manual Tonneau Cover Guide Posted

    Does this suggest we will be able to order one soon? I asked the person at service center last week and they said “sometime this summer”.
  13. Rivian's pricing problem... how do they solve it?

    I put in an order two weeks ago for an r1t and was able to get a truck through shop a week later. I live in an area close to a service center and took what they had (being careful yo ask which truck was actually at the service center location vs in Normal). I think Rivian is doing just fine...
  14. First Camping Trip in the R1T and our iKamper RTT (and first time using RAN)

    Maybe a silly question but do you secure all your stuff in the bed or does it slide around while you drive? I am thinking of the cooler, griddle etc.
  15. Snow & Desert shakedown bed camping trip in R1T @ Bishop, CA

    Good ol‘ Lippincott…one of the rougher roads I have been on (dont have a ton of offroad adventure experience) but was with a friend in a full size Chevy 4x4 about a decade ago and we ultimately had to turn around because the road got narrow and we had already used our spare tire earlier in the...
  16. Is it better to buy a new R1T or a used one with an Automatic Tonneau Cover?

    Personally I am hesitant to buy a used R1T because I have a sense that a larger portion of the used R1Ts are problematic (sellers are more likely to sell lemons early). I would either wait for one with the specs that you want or take what is available in the Shop.
  17. New Rivian colors EVERGREEN and SLATE revealed by RJ on "Ask Rivian" segment (watch inside)

    It would make the biggest difference. Coming from a Tesla and as a new Rivian owners the biggest bummer with the truck is the charging setup. Its night and day in a bad way versus Tesla.
  18. New Rivian colors EVERGREEN and SLATE revealed by RJ on "Ask Rivian" segment (watch inside)

    Unfortunate but it seems you are correct. A majorly missed opportunity if they ever had the chance to link with Tesla in this way.
  19. R1T bed tie down rails installed (adopted from Tacoma)

    Oh man these look great. Outfitting this truck is becoming a major rabbit hole…and I haven’t even taken delivery yet.