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  1. What's the proper way to mount?

    The air compressor is is utilized consistently while driving, parking, leveling, etc. in the background with no driver / passenger intervention. How much stress kneel mode adds is a topic that comes up often here. Many have concluded it to be immaterial - others disagree. 8 year warranty. Use...
  2. Tailgate Alignment

    I had mine adjusted via a mobile visit for something else. In the hot sun, the auto open wouldn't happen consistently. So, fixing one thing may cause other issues. Up to you on what's worth it.
  3. Any Battery Degradation in your Rivian yet?

    Did you read the DPIA / DPA?
  4. Any Battery Degradation in your Rivian yet?

    Interesting - give data on the owned vehicle for them to sell and make money so a monthly report can be given to the vehicle owner
  5. Upgraded the sub in R1S with aftermarket Alpine SWR-T10 Subwoofer

    Nice work! Do you have an R1T that your bass loving wife also drives? Asking for a friend...
  6. XPEL XR PLUS temperature report

    Not seeing any blue tint or distortion. No issues with nighttime driving. If I did it over again, there is nothing I would change.
  7. Armorall streaked my interior

    303 marine / recreational aerospace protectant is what many use successfully on pleather aka vegan leather. Never use armorall anything.
  8. PERFECT Use of Gear Tunnel!

    That's a small large pizza
  9. It's a hybrid now... R1T charged at 5.2kw with portable generator and charging adapter

    Not bad for a pinch or traveling to areas with no charging. A five gallon gas tank plus the generator tank should give 180ish miles for those of us averaging 2.4 and higher mi/kwh
  10. Subwoofer replacement, anyone?

    Got a Pic of what it looks like without the 6x9 driver in the space?
  11. Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    With the Amazon music native app playing, I just say "Alexa, next" or "Alexa, next song" and it works. We don't have any Alexa devices in the house or have the Alexa app. Only configuration is with the Rivian. Don't use Spotify or any other music app. Sorry, can't help there.
  12. Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    This was a recent change (think Nov 2022ish). Amazon "upped" the free prime song list from 3ish million to 100ish million, but downgraded bitrate and ability to play songs directly without paying for the additional service. The internet has been angry about this change.
  13. Let’s talk tunes -- How do you listen to music in your Rivian?

    Do you have have the Amazon music included with Prime or do you pay for Amazon music? If using the included music with Prime, shuffled is what is included...
  14. Just Took Delivery 2-21-23 -- Initial Thoughts

    Congratulations! Looking forward to the future posts on the custom sub box.