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  1. Lost wedding ring under seat / center console

    There's so many places where the carpet isn't fully seated or there's cracks between the carpet and trim. Your ring has most likely been sucked into a black hole under that console. Probably easier to divorce and start over with a new ring then to try and find it, unfortunately. :CWL:
  2. One-eyed R1T :( Headlight broken by a Jeep

    $650 on eBay for a replacement of the entire passenger headlight. Take the $6.5k and DIY it!
  3. Can the key fob be fixed by Rivian service centers?

    I have the same problem on both my Rivian's and even replaced the battery. It's so finicky.
  4. Problems Using Clipper Creek Chargers While Traveling

    I have two Clipper Creek chargers at home and have never had a problem. Although I've been to two hotels that had the same chargers and both were down with a red light and wouldn't work.
  5. Yellow Logo All Weather Floor Mats now available in Gear Shop for both R1S & R1T

    Wow awesome! I looked 12 hours ago and they were OOS. Thanks!
  6. Payment Question

    I split payment. When paying online it had me SSO into Chase, choose my accounts and make payments. Not sure if it was possible for two different institutions though.
  7. 12V Battery Replacement Bricked My R1T

    The guy that replaced my batteries said when new batteries are installed, a jumper wire between the two has to be added so that when they are plugged in the vehicle boots correctly and then the jumper cable is removed. He said if you just plug in the batteries without the jumper then only 1/2...
  8. 2nd row arm rest supposed to be like this?

    Same here. Apparently there's no storage in the armrest for the R1S
  9. What's the point of PDI?

    I had a terrible experience with the delivery experience specifically with the many obvious issues and quality problems. I believe Helen Keller came back from the dead to inspect my vehicle before delivery.
  10. Auto return to "High" suspension?

    I'd love to see this. I prefer riding higher up and I'm always toggling back to high.
  11. Stated Amount Endorsement for Progressive Insurance

    I tried that. Unfortunately they'll only insure it based on the VIN.
  12. Adjust tailgate cables?

    Yup, on my Silverado and when I went to get it fixed they welcomed me to look at other trucks on the lot and they all had slack in either one of the cables. Had it for 4 years like this and never ran into any issues. And when you put a lot of weight on the tailgate it would flex and both cables...
  13. Adjust tailgate cables?

    My previous pickup had the same "issue". Every other truck on the lot also did.
  14. Visited the Rivian Miami Service Center - Photos

    I've been told there's an off-site lot for the Miami service center with a ton of Rivians sitting there. Hopefully these service centers can scale up, as it seems they can't keep up with Manufacturing.
  15. Factory Front PPF Re-installation delaying delivery

    Whatever the issue is, hopefully it is fixed to an acceptable level. My PPF on the gear tunnel doors were replaced and still started peeling and not centered correctly. Then they trimmed it back and it looks like a terrible hack job.
  16. Stated Amount Endorsement for Progressive Insurance

    Who was the insurance underwritten by when you went through Costco?
  17. Stated Amount Endorsement for Progressive Insurance

    Ooo thanks for this info! Saves me a call to my agent on Tuesday.
  18. Stated Amount Endorsement for Progressive Insurance

    Thanks for this example. I'm emailing the Rivian insurance email now. Last year they quoted me more than Progressive but now Progressive is much higher. I'll need to see how much Progressive homeowners insurance goes up if I drop my auto policy.