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  1. metalic5

    Fender Bender... I'll let you know if it costs $42,000 to repair

    i had similar area damage, little bit less, but same area and probably similar repair. my total was $15k in damage let us know what your total comes out to
  2. metalic5

    Tire wear condition at 15k miles, 10 months (photos)

    I'm at 10k miles and all those miles were on conserve mode and i had nowhere near that kind of wear. you can see wear on my tires, but only because the rears look brand new. if there was no rear for reference, you'd say the fronts were pretty new
  3. metalic5

    My Lightning is Built

    Ford announced being over 3 billion in the red in the EV sector, led by the lightning... Funny I said this would happen and was told that I was making baseless accusations and I didn't know what I was talking about when I said that the lightning was being sold at a loss when clearly it was as...
  4. metalic5

    Nationwide (Rivian Insurance): Changing Back to State Farm PSA

    If i were you i would also reach out the your nearest rivian certified collision center and ask them which insurance they have the least problems with getting a claim paid for. i did this and was told Geico or Nationwide, when i called rivian insurance, the very nice guy i spoke with was very...
  5. metalic5

    Nationwide (Rivian Insurance): Changing Back to State Farm PSA

    This sucks, but want to give you a heads up on statefarm, I had a recent fender bender, the rear quarter panel repair was $15k waited 4 weeks for parts, 5 weeks for the repair, and it took 6 weeks, my truck sitting in the rivian certified collision center looking like new, just sitting there...
  6. metalic5

    My First and Likely Last Post

    like everyone said, can't blame you, your reasons for switching to a (Y) make sense. before you do though, i would have to say that i think you should listen to @swhme and try and rent a (Y) for a day or two, and an R1T (if you can) to compare the two. I my self pre ordered in Aug 2019 and took...
  7. metalic5

    Has anyone else had to get body work done?

    those are steel panels so they can be pulled and worked on. This is mine, pre body work and post body work. just so you guys have an idea, this was $15,XXX.XX took 4 weeks for parts, 5 weeks for the repair and then another 6 weeks, a complaint against them to the state of FL, and a 5 min phone...
  8. metalic5

    Things They Don't Tell You (But Should) About 8 Step Purchase Process ....

    hope you enjoy the vehicle. Knowing what i know now, i would happily have waited (2x) the 2 years 9 months and 11 days i waited. This so far has been the most enjoyable vehicle i have ever owned. Beats out my '87 and '89 Trans Am GTA, my '07 Trailblazer SS and my '14 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland...
  9. metalic5

    Which front fascia/headlight alignment is correct?

    i looked at my truck, and it as well is like yours, driver side flush or slightly further in from fascia and passenger side is just proud of the fascia.
  10. metalic5

    Which front fascia/headlight alignment is correct?

    i may be wrong, but i do believe that the driver side is suppose to be aimed lower (to avoid blinding the driver of the on-coming traffic) and the passenger side aimed higher (this is to light up road signs).
  11. metalic5

    They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    Finally got my truck back, 8 weeks in total, Repair took 5 weeks and state farm took an additional 3 weeks to finally agree to pay, total came out to $ 15,081.35
  12. metalic5

    Rodent chewed through wire harness, causing $7K repair (and $1650 towing)

    this is the plus of having some outdoor neighborhood cats
  13. metalic5

    Interior peeling

    i had similar issue with my previous vehicle, a jeep grand cherokee. the shifter has a similar material wrapped around the plastic, with the constant touching and i guess combination of the sweat and dirt and chemicals on my hands, it was peeling off. Jeep did not agree with me and wouldnt...
  14. metalic5

    They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    i called Rivian customer support and asked for a list of certified Rivian collision centers near me, your damage shouldnt be too bad as long as the support for the fender is intact. good luck and i hope yours doesnt take as long as mine has.
  15. metalic5

    They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    I did this last week when i dropped the vehicle at the certified collision center, and yes, magnet did stick to the side and around the door areas (not on the actual doors, front, rear or gear guard all seemed aluminum and magnet didnt stick). Collision center CEO had just pulled up as i was...
  16. metalic5

    Do memory seats just... not work?

    mine doesnt work as well, since day 1. not too big if deal for me since i'm the only driver but its something i will bring to the attention of the tech when it goes in for alignment fix.
  17. metalic5

    39.1 OTA bugs (compressor, audio controls, etc.)

    my compressor is also dead after update, can confirm as i was using right before i started the update and hasnt worked since the update finished, vehicle air suspension still working perfectly fine
  18. metalic5

    Speed Limiting Through OTA Updates? What's Next?

    I think they should add a track mode and put back the 130mph people were getting at the normal event, my thought on this is the following: I have a buddy of mine with a TRX, he's running smaller wheels with way smaller tire than come stock on the vehicle, he's using some drag radials for his...
  19. metalic5

    They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    wow, sorry to hear about your troubles, Today i found out one of the Miami service center guys is going through the same repair, same issue with statefarm not wanting to pay, he's been waiting for over a month and still cant pick up the vehicle because of no payment. I am interested in this...
  20. metalic5

    They hit me in my driveway resulting in $21,195.95 repair bill

    I thought the same as you, and i too have seen instances of ants loving to crawl all over my truck in these areas. but he and their rivian specialist both told me the same, one told me as i was waiting for the other to come from another building he was at.