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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Welp. Now we know how bad the hiring shortage is.
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    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    Idle hands moment for me. Found new subdomain for Rivian, had references for FleetOS. Also appears to be a related job in my area (ATL) to manage the internal Rivian fleet. I need an update.
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    RJ is quoted somewhere saying something to the effect of a new car company has to spend $3B before it even makes its first sale. That's not counting ramp up to production and global expansion. Hence, they have already brought in $9B+ and are looking at an IPO at $70B valuation. Just my guess...
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    LOL. With friends like us, who needs enemies? Rivian shouldn't worry so much about competitors as their own customers with idle hands. If only there was a substantive update this week to otherwise preoccupy us...
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    Some information on delay... passenger side impact crash test

    Not saying right or wrong but any info like this coming out now on this forum.
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    Next auto show?

    10 Experience Centers? Probably a safe bet that the locations they announced for the tour are going to be included Los Angeles San Francisco New York Chicago Detroit Seattle That leaves 4 open spots for the southeast, southwest, mid-atlantic, and the rest of the middle. COMPETE! My guesses...
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    For me, its not go insane waiting at the drip for information about areas that have yet to be contacted. Others need to plan vehicle timelines so anything is more helpful. Even if it's not good news, it helps set expectations if you are in an area that won't see a Rivian for a while.
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    What will we learn 6/7 - 6/13?

    My impression at this point is it's probably more about the service centers than anything. The LEs that won't go out until the end will likely be 100% related to the fact that the area doesn't have one. If only Rivian would actually say it.
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    R1T Storage Space clarification

    They do list the under-bed in the claim for 68 cu ft. So that's probably about 10 cu ft of your remaining 16 cu ft as the 29 cu ft are "extra" with the lockable tonneau. Rear seat + center console and other nooks will get the remaining ~6 cu ft.
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    Some of the supply issues....

    Interesting story recently on the rental car and broader car market that is related to chip shortage/COVID. At the beginning of COVID, rental car companies shed 30%+ of their inventory. Auto manufactures saw a drop in demand and reduced production. The demand came back faster than they...
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    What will we learn 5/31 - 6/6

    Details please... You'd be the first TX contact + earliest known delivery. Both big items.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    The info being reported really knocked my optimism down but there will be a ramp up of production so this still feels unlikely to extrapolate a LE delay into late 2022. The bigger question now is when is the service center for your area going to be completed. While I want my truck asap, I get...
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Gotta say I'm disappointed. Not super surprised though. These delivery timelines aren't great news for the rest of us and it seems less likely that those of us in areas that aren't on the list yet will have to wait even longer than expected. I was hopeful for September or October in Atlanta for...
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Just wondering for those of you with completed calls to your Guide, are they open to contact like the Stories post implies they are? They said they would go chase down answers for you even out to the plant floor so... For just one Guide contact a day, you too can help feed the Forum.
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    What will we learn 5/31 - 6/6

    Guide calls start today so we should at least get some answers in the next few hours.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    For me, I like a few of the colors and choose LG thinking it would be first. If that's not the case, then I'm a color free agent and delivery timing is actually a big factor. All likely to be played out before I get contacted though so I'll just be playing my home version of order your Rivian.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    Seems service center being up and going might have been the key... but changing to Blue just in case lol.
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    Rivian Guide Contacted Finally! (For Real) 📬

    In a previous communication they said that Guide contact signals the final order process. @AdamL - just curious given the form discussion, are you good to go? Is there anything you need to see prior to locking in your order?
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    Thoughts on removal of Off Road Upgrade

    Or, just playing Rivian advocate here... there's a lot of people that are worried about the price and don't need it. I'm curious about the reasons too but also trying to take what they've actually said with some amount of truth. The range comment in their projected range give that theory...
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    Snow Peak Kitchen Set Price Value

    Just looked at the Camp Kitchen page and didn't see this - strange.