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  1. Kenshaka

    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    That looks tight!
  2. Kenshaka

    Accessories wishlist Ill be lugging this around
  3. Kenshaka

    Accessories wishlist

    I asked CS about a fridge accessory awhile back, and she wrote that their would be more details about that later. Plus, I noticed the the induction cooktop is made by Dometic🤔
  4. Kenshaka

    What will we learn 5/24 - 5/30?

    I wonder if anyone read the Pre-Order agreement? It’s all in writing what not to expect
  5. Kenshaka

    Cost of Ownership: Rivian vs. Ice

    Thanks for that! As long as Rivians are well built...I think that the longer you own it, the more value you can squeeze out of it. I plan on keeping mine for 10 years or more.
  6. Kenshaka

    Cost of Ownership: Rivian vs. Ice

    Thanks! This is a great start! I appreciate you 👍🏾
  7. Kenshaka

    Cost of Ownership: Rivian vs. Ice

    Has any of you “numbers” guys/gals calculated the cost of ownership of Rivian over the 8yr warranty period? Vs a similarly priced ICE? I know there are many situational factors to consider. I’m wanting to bet that Rivian will be more cost effective over time
  8. Kenshaka

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    I know, right? I would have preferred a date
  9. Kenshaka

    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    Two days before me and about 50 miles west of me from I80. Rivian CS told me today that I should be hearing from my guide “very, very soon.
  10. Kenshaka

    It's May....

    I asked CS how many R1T’s is the weekly goal for production: “That is a good question, and we appreciate you asking! Unfortunately that specific value has not been shared with us. However, if you are concerned with delivery timing, I can provide that as we gear up towards final production in...
  11. Kenshaka

    It's May....

    Damn, that’s exactly what I did. But fortunately I have a backup. You see it in my profile pic
  12. Kenshaka

    Did I read this right? Pre-orders to begin near Thanksgiving?

    I wonder if the Rivian Adventure Network map is a good indicator of delivery priority. Areas that have a dense cluster of chargers may be top priority
  13. Kenshaka

    Buying high end EV from start up

    I’m guessing(hoping)that Cali will be first in line, as I think the greatest number of orders will be from here. My pre-order date is 11/2019. Wishing to have delivery by my birthday in August. This will also be the last truck I buy
  14. Kenshaka

    A look at Rivian key fob - carabiner shape and colors

    ‘The key fob is in the form of a carabiner! I was really excited to see that! It's worth noting that it's not engineered to climb with and has a load limit of a typical key ring. It's about 3.3 inches long, 1.6 inches wide, and 0.6 inches thick and weighs 50g.” This is from Kyle CS chat Also...
  15. Kenshaka

    Vehicle to Vehicle charging

    I have the Bluetti AC200. I plan on utilizing this, since I bought it originally to use with my Nissan Titan. It can power the kitchen while simultaneously being charged by solar or other inputs.
  16. Kenshaka

    Vehicle to Vehicle charging

    I just figure, if I'm out in the sun, why not use it? Even if it won't fully charge the truck, its still free juice
  17. Kenshaka

    Vehicle to Vehicle charging

    Amazing! Your posts/replies are the ones I look for the most. And you were the very first reply to my very first post. Cool
  18. Kenshaka

    Vehicle to Vehicle charging

    My intentions are to connect solar panels to offset non-driving usage of the battery. Such as the Camp Kitchen or anything else I might want to plug into the 110v outlets