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  1. swhme

    Yellow Logo All Weather Floor Mats now available in Gear Shop for both R1S & R1T

    Phew, now I don't have to worry about mine getting stolen every time I park.
  2. swhme

    A few charger related preguntas/questions

    $1,700 for a ~30 foot run 3 years ago
  3. swhme

    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    Interesting! In the northeast, when I’m charging between Maine and NYC, there’s always at least one other Rivian, often more. I’d rank the popularity of vehicles at charging stations that I’ve come across, in order: Kia EV6/Hyundai Ioniq VW ID4 Rivian Taycan Mach-E
  4. swhme

    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    Yeah, but you offer an adapter and then make owners pay for it, rather than you having to build it out. Exactly— regardless of whether or not they do this, it seems silly to be investing time and money into RAN. Let other companies build the chargers. I’m 10/10 for charging success at EA...
  5. swhme

    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    That actually raises an interesting point. I see a bunch of lightnings on the road, but I have never seen one at an EA charger. But I see Rivians at EA all the time. Do lightning owners not know how to adventure?
  6. swhme

    New England Rivian Meetup -- Sunday June 11th at 1:00

    I just put it on the calendar— I’m getting my overland ruff rax topper and sliders installed on the 5th, so I’ll come show em off! Room in the lot for me to set the tent up, too?
  7. swhme

    First Camping Trip in the R1T and our iKamper RTT (and first time using RAN)

    Very nice! Just ordered the Blackstone. Camping our way from Santa Fe to Park City and back in July, looking forward to getting out there!
  8. swhme

    Who wants to see an R1S in Southern Maine?

    How was the reception? I brought my R1T there last May, and folks loved it.
  9. swhme

    New Wheels Launched for Rivian R1T / R1S from Team 1EV - R1000 Adventure and R800 Compass

    Yep, I’d also order a set of these. Happy to preorder to help make it happen.
  10. swhme

    Charging in Northeast - MD to Maine ?

    My last trip ME>NYC I used sturbridge on the way down and stamford and seabrook nh on the way back. All worked well for me. Doing the drive again next week, will report back if anything is wonky...
  11. swhme

    Visited the Chelsea, MA Rivian Service Center

    Seems a lot less crowded than it normally is! The last few times I've been there the lot has been packed to the gills with trucks awaiting delivery. Re: location-- anywhere they put it is going to be more convenient for some, less for others. I like the chelsea location as it's super close to...
  12. swhme

    Rivian reports narrower-than-expected quarterly loss, reaffirms 50k EV production target

    I'm really curious about COGS on a per-vehicle basis at this point. Do they break even yet?
  13. swhme

    Charging in Northeast - MD to Maine ?

    I've done Portland to New York a number of times, no problem. Where in Maine are you headed? Charging starts getting pretty sparse north of Portland.
  14. swhme

    Where are folks charging their car?

    Yeah, having an EV with no way to charge at home would be expensive and annoying.
  15. swhme

    BFG KO2 - 275/65r20 tires installed on my R1T

    I run ko2s on one of my Land Cruisers and Wildpeaks on the other-- very happy with both, although I'd probably give a slight edge to the ko2s. But the road noise on the scorpions is starting to drive me batty 😂
  16. swhme

    BFG KO2 - 275/65r20 tires installed on my R1T

    I'm also curious. My stock scorpions have gotten really loud, so I'm looking for a replacement.
  17. swhme

    Rivian software Q&A w/ Wassym Bensaid (talks dashcam, bed camera, turn signal camera, etc.)

    Yes, this. I drove from Maine to New Mexico last weekend (in an ICE car), and I tried using Waze as I like the police and traffic features, but some of the routing was insane. Sometimes wanting me to get onto the frontage road for 5 miles (when there was absolutely no traffic on the highway)...
  18. swhme

    Driving R1T past 0% dead battery while towing 6x12 Trailer miss-hap

    First off-- what a beautiful place for this to happen! Whistler is jaw dropping 😀 Secondly-- instead of dropping the trailer, why not turn around and head back to Squamish? I would imagine the extra weight pushing you back down the hill would have helped get you some extra regen juice and you...
  19. swhme

    App down?

    Did this affect any of the in-truck systems? Nav, music streaming, etc? I’m traveling so didn’t get to experience this issue first hand.