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    Interior Details!

    Going back to finally getting interior details: I think quite a few members here are cross shopping Rivians (probably more the R1S crowd) with luxury ICE or hybrid vehicles. The comments they were benchmarking the best in terms of luxury resonated/created expectations. While I am sure many...
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    Captain Chairs Not an Option

    I know Jeep only confirmed the new non L version will have a PHEV...,but I would think it should become an option on the L at some point. Speaking of a PHEV with massage seats and a passthrough/captain chairs second row setup, what about the Aviator Grand Touring?
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    Captain Chairs Not an Option

    4 kids here: 1 bucket, 1 forward harness and 2 boosters. Rivian indicated the 2nd row bench will have the car seat safe tilt feature (See the thread on latch points with the CAD drawing) - even better than a passthrough IMO, it allows you to put 3 in the second row and get more cargo space when...
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    With service center locations a seemingly a factor for delivery times, and understanding US customers are usually prioritized when (if, for the optimists) manufacturers have supply issues… I ask my fellow Canadian customers - When do you expect contact and delivery? Personally, I am no longer...
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    Custom / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    Ahem, you mean the OQLF? Maybe there never was a plate. Maybe I’m an OQLF agent. Maybe this was all a ruse to test your loyalty to la belle province Corey. That maple syrup tanker in front of your house... Those strange fleeting looks from poutine delivery men... We are watching you... :bandit...
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    Custom / Vanity Plates, Anyone?

    Considering Rivians should be the only ones on the road with this feature for a while... I just ordered this one. EV plates here are well.. green... Cant customize vet plates, hopefully that will change between now and delivery.
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    Latch system & anchor points for child seat / boosters in R1S SUV

    It all depends on what stage your kids are at. While they are in a harness, as long as you do not exceed Isofix weight limits stated in the car and car seat manual (lowest of the 2), its probably more a question of preference: I am surprised your manual states a preference regardless of weight...
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    Latch system & anchor points for child seat / boosters in R1S SUV

    Thank you. They had given me the same info a while ago.... But then another CS rep had told me they werent sure anymore that they would offer the feature. It was a dealbreaker for me - Im very happy to have it reconfirmed much closer to launch.
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    Latch system & anchor points for child seat / boosters in R1S SUV

    God I hope the CS rep had the right info. If so, its X-mas in may!
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    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    Same here, but more for interior space and usability (maybe, we shall see when R1S rows are finaly explained). I would go for the Nav though... 30 way seats are one thing I would have liked Rivian to get from Ford.
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    Electric F150 Lightning EV to be revealed May 19

    Just chiming in for the R1S crowd here: with Ford saying many of the F-150’s parts are shared between the ICE and Lighting versions and judging from the Lightning frame pictures circulating… It doesn't seem like that much of an investment would be required to make electric Expeditions and...
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    Who has a LE

    LE R1S. Voted.
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    R1S Spotted Out Testing!

    Jeep posted a video of the 2nd and 3rd row in their new Grand Cherokee L in early April... Didnt seem that hard to do It shows 27 secs in that it will have the feature some children car seat users like me desire: 3rd row access with car seats installed (same on the 2nd row bench version). As...
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    Canadian Pricing - Will it be adjusted?

    I sent an e-mail to CS this week to see if Canadian customers could pay in USD (I think it had been asked before, I thought maybe I would get something new)...Got the standard your guide will tell you answer. I doubt it will get much better than. 1.23, maybe 1.21. I might transfer the amount...
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    What Else Are You Considering?

    Other: If the R1S interior ends up being impractical, it will be a Navigator for me. Hopefully the 2022 will be available as a PHEV…If not, it will mean 4 more years of ICE for me.
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    Canadian showrooms

    Yes, agreed. I would even venture Town of Mount Royal has one of the highest MS/MX ownership rates on the planet. Fertile grounds for R1S sales for sure even if Im wrong. I’m hoping Rivian set up around the Tesla shop.
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    Hummer EV SUV - 5 seats only?

    Hey Leo, Thanks for the post: too late to save me any hassle, I have been obsessed with the issue and pestering this forum and every Rivian CS rep since Feb 2019  Agreed for the X: too expensive for too little interior space. Members here questioned my considering of the Hummer SUV at a 24K...
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    Hummer EV SUV - 5 seats only?

    Short version: Absolutely nothing. As it stands, on paper, the R1S is a much better deal and it seems it will remain the only non-gullwing door game in town for a 7 passenger BEV. Long rant: I am just trying to get a 6 passenger+ electric SUV that my family of 6 will fit in (without gull wing...
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    Hummer EV SUV - 5 seats only?

    Just placed a reservation for a 1st edition Hummer EV SUV in case the R1S third row ends up unusable for my needs. Am I understanding right GM opted to offer the SUV as a 5-seater only? I don’t see any mention of a third row anywhere…
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    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    I dont think this was posted anywhere before, sorry if it was: I asked CS yesterday what NEMA adaptors would come with/ be available for purchase for the included portable charger: was told it would come with 5-15 and 14-50, no other adaptors available at first. Also asked if Rivian branded...