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    What color is this R1T?

    What would you call this color?
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    Official: Rivian Experience – Purchasing, Return Policy & Charging

    Tell me what those cryptic symbols on the fob are for please.
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    Adventure vs Explore RS1

    The Meridian upgrade is probably worth 2-3 grand itself. The wood trim is incredible. Air compressor and Bluetooth speaker are included too. The ventilated seats are also an upgrade. The total value seems reasonable for the cost.
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    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    Inside EVS Tom Moloughney has reviewed the grizzle-e from the same manufacturer and had good things to say. The Alpha can schedule charging, meter usage and produce reports from its apps. Tom has done preliminary tests with the Alpha and is impressed.
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    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    I ordered the United Chargers new Alpha. Made by the Grizzl-e folks. It has a 7in screen and all sorts of apps. 40amp charge with plug in. It can be moved if needed. Well reviewed.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Good catch. It was tough for me to see it.
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    Maybe parked in an intersection. What is unusual about a white roof? In other pictures the roof of the vehicles is black.
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    Adventure vs Explore RS1

    Any thoughts about the Bluetooth speaker being in both models?
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    Rivian Amazon Van starts deliveries making lots of noise

    Just a thought on this topic. I hope we Rivian owners will be able to choose our own sounds to play at low speeds. I am thinking of the sound of a diesel engine accelerating. I'd fit right in with the larger trucks and won't be coal rolled.
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    North East roll call

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    North East roll call

    Jim from Syracuse, NY Silver R1S. Expecting to see it next spring. Ordered an Alpha charger from United Chargers which makes the Grizzl-e.
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    Wall-Mounted Charge Station?

    Can anyone confirm which side of the vehicle the charge port is on? Different pictures have cutouts on both driver and passenger. Thanks
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Ordered 1/20. Just finished configuring . We'll see what changes in the next year.
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    Find your Rivian Order Number & Post it Here!

    Well done figuring this out. I ordered January 2020 and my number is 40924. It may be two years until I drive my R1S sorry to say.
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    That lower wiper is bad for auto car washes. I have an MDX and it gets knocked off regularly. The upper hidden wiper is the best.
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Could you please show us those colors on the R1S?
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    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    I love those shiny blues, especially the lighter one. I'd order either.
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    Unofficial color thread for R1S (with renderings)

    Please show me if possible the beautiful silver of the R1T on the R1S. I think the shape of the suv would be a perfect match on the vehicle.
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    What we might see in that configurator: Options, Launch Edition, etc...

    Does anyone think Rivian will produce a home charging system?