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  1. WestRivian7000

    2nd row arm rest supposed to be like this?

    Is the arm rest supposed to be like this? It's slanting down.
  2. WestRivian7000

    Alexa doesnt play Amazon Music

    I linked Alexa in my R1S and it responds to all commands, makes calls, weather etc but when I ask to play music - Alexa says " playing station" but nothing plays. Is there a simple fix, or do I need to put in a ticket.
  3. WestRivian7000

    What is this? Where does it go?

    Found this on the floor of back row? Where does this go? Thanks.
  4. WestRivian7000

    Took Delivery on Friday

    Here are some photos of Rivian Blue with Ocean Coast. Took Delivery on Friday. The process was pretty quick, about 30-40min to inspect and drive out with the car.
  5. WestRivian7000

    Its getting hot in here

    The interior temp reached 120 degrees in a 70 degree weather. This can't be good for the interiors.
  6. WestRivian7000

    Rivian announces more lay offs (Orange County CA workers)

    Rivian announces new layoffs. https://www.ocregister.com/2023/04/24/ev-maker-rivian-lays-off-239-orange-county-workers EV-maker Rivian lays off 239 Orange County workers Additional layoffs at the EV automaker's Palo Alto facilities have boosted the California total to 479 Irvine-based Rivian...