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  1. Misaligned steering wheel issue on R1T and R1S -- NHTSA Customer Satisfaction Campaign RCA-10-23-002-1

    NHTSA has a campaign listed for misaligned steering wheels on R1T and R1S from Jan 22-March 23 https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2023/MC-10235683-0001.pdf
  2. App version 1.14 available

    Not sure how much I’ll be able to use the gear tunnel door opening from app. Usually I need to be right at it to grab the door and open or tot latches again, just slightly cracked.
  3. Customer Satisfaction Campaign: battery management system (BMS) firmware may prevent OTA updates in some 2022 R1T

    Just saw on NHTSA that some 22 R1T may need a BMS firmware update or they won’t be able to have OTA applied more here: https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2023/MC-10232189-0001.pdf
  4. App 1.12.0 available

    To go with the new truck version, new app version allowing tailgate drop
  5. App 1.9.0 released

    1.9.0 out now Hopefully that means new truck release starting in a few days
  6. Hummer recall and expensive parts

    We’ve had some threads about recalls and issues Hummer is recalling their EV because water can get in the battery https://www.greencarreports.com/news/1137589_2022-2023-gmc-hummer-ev-recalled-for-battery-sealing And while we have seen some expensive repairs, apparently a single taillight is...
  7. App 1.7.1 released

    Just saw the app update to 1.7.1 this one is thrilling with:
  8. Ford updating BlueCruise with Hands-Free Lane Changing

    https://www.engadget.com/ford-updates-its-blue-cruise-driver-assist-with-hands-free-lane-changing-and-more-204022978.html After a recent 1200 mile trip, having some of these updates would be welcome on d+ “Hands-free lane changing is what it sounds like, just tap the turn signal and the...
  9. [Update] Software Fault Caused Erroneous Drive Unit Failure Message

    [Update] Truck is coming back a little later today. Apparently a rare software issue that triggered the drive unit/motor failure message. Unit and wiring were all okay. Next version of software is supposed to address it. 2nd time software has caused my truck to be towed in for service -...
  10. Rivian Suing EDV Seat Vendor

    Just read this in WSJ: Rivian Warns Dispute With Seat Supplier Threatens Production of Amazon Delivery Vans "Rivian in March sued the supplier, Ohio-based Commercial Vehicle Group Inc., accusing it of violating the supply contracts for seats by nearly doubling an initially agreed-upon price...
  11. Rivian R1T bricked [update: 12v battery trickle issue - needs software fix]

    UPDATE May 13: Got the truck back. The module that tells the truck it’s going to sleep and the high voltage should trickle the 12v doesn’t always tell it. It’s being worked on, hopefully the next software update contains the fix. 12v batteries got replaced because of it Fingers crossed it...
  12. Rivian App 1.4.0 Released & Decompiled

    Seeing new app that adds new fonts, pins, and summaries of new service requests. Just about to download now. Decompiled info by @rivianappupdates We recently de-compiled the newest version of the app and as the change log said: Our latest update comes with fresh fonts, new pins and...
  13. Undercarriage screws/bolts/etc

    Have seen a few threads with missing undercarriage hardware. Haven’t done a full undercarriage check, but did go under the front end today. noticed a price hanging down. Checked driver and passenger side. Looks like homes for screws or bolts (2x) - neither side has them. Drivers side wasn’t “in...
  14. Got a call from Rivian support tonight

    Got a call from support this evening. Showed as Rivian Vehicle. they wanted to see how things were, checking to see if had received NFC band, satisfied with truck, etc. Just checked in my UniFi gear and the truck is uploading gigs right now - about 17 and counting Related? Who knows!
  15. Stage 8 Purgatory

    Stuck in stage 8 purgatory since Wednesday. checked email a few minutes ago and had one from Rivian….. Purchase process description email. the torture!