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  1. redantpile

    Show off your Level 2 Home Charger installs here

    Finished this a few weeks ago. I should get my R1S this Thursday. I wanted a receptacle in that corner so I ran 1" liquid tight with 3 x #6 and 3 x #12. A couple of things about the charger. People have posted about turning off the 5 ghz to get it to connect to wifi. I did not have to do...
  2. redantpile

    USB Audio Source Petition

    This might not do any good but I figure it can't hurt. RJ claimed they watch social media for feedback so I also posted usb audio request on Twitter and Facebook. The more request, the better. Here is a link to a petition. https://chng.it/wWfzzxSSK2
  3. redantpile

    Pet Owners Rejoice! Sneak Peek at the excellent Canvasback 1-Piece R1S Cargo Cover Prototype

    That is something we would be interested in. I like your suggestions. The only thing I might want is to add something that partially blocks the space between the front seats. To deter furry faces from crawling thru. Definitely better than throwing down a bunch of blankets.
  4. redantpile

    How to disassemble rear tailgate ?

    Here is another one. Page four, second one down. This person must have done it. https://www.rivianforums.com/forum/threads/bed-step.977/page-4#post-287882
  5. redantpile

    Subwoofer replacement, anyone?

    I don't have my vehicle yet so I can't check this out myself. It looks like there are a couple unknowns. Power and signal. I thought someone had posted technical drawings that laid out both fuse panels in detail. This thread says page two but I'm not seeing it anymore. Did I just dream that...
  6. redantpile

    Rodent chewed through wire harness, causing $7K repair (and $1650 towing)

    I have used one of those in a Ford Edge since April 2021, and added a second one to my Tundra a month ago. They got under the intake manifold in the truck and chewed up the knock sensor harness. Both vehicles park on the driveway. So far the devices have worked well. I have seen maybe 3...
  7. redantpile

    6-20p plug with portable charger

    I was wondering about that same thing. I think it should work if they sell products like this? Someone who has tried it could chime in.
  8. redantpile


    Maybe those who have access to the vehicle could inspect that part for wear or damage. Check out this video 4 minutes in, for example. Hard to tell from the video how much actual wear there is on that plastic. It could be nothing.
  9. redantpile

    Any word on home link / garage door opener?

    I too want an integrated opener. Hope they add that. FYI on the Homelink. We park our cars on the driveway. On a previous 2009 Murano and my 2011 Tundra, I snipped the 12 volt constant wire just above the mirror. The mirrors function normally, but only if the ignition is on. Might work on other...
  10. redantpile

    Rivian charger vs. other charging devices

    Here is a site that estimates your charge time based on your amp/volts available. I have no idea if it's accurate. Someone with a EV could maybe speak to that. Rivian is loaded on the site. At 240 volt 46 amp they show you reach the on-board charger limit. https://evcompare.io/charging-calculator/
  11. redantpile

    Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    They are not on there yet. I went to Pirelli's site to look up that exclusive 21" and it links you directly to Tire Rack. Similar situation for me. We paid 34k & 36k for our last two vehicles. The last tire I put on my Tundra are $202 on Discount Tire right now, so a fair amount less. They are...
  12. redantpile

    Should 20" Wheels be the standard wheel included

    FYI. Tire Rack finally has a price on the 21". 275/55R21 $383.75 https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Pirelli&tireModel=Scorpion+Verde+All+Season&sidewall=Blackwall&partnum=755HR1SVASXL&tab=Sizes
  13. redantpile

    What is important to you from the infotainment system?

    Ok since someone asked, and in case anyone from Rivian actually reads these. I would like it to play gapless, lossless flac files. I want it to play a whole album in order. I don't want to have to select the next album manually(because I'm driving), but if I have to use a playlist, I suppose I...
  14. redantpile

    Rodents and soy-based wire insulation

    That's a good point I was not thinking of. We park both ice cars on the driveway and live in a regular subdivision. For years we have had mice nesting in the engine compartments. No wires chewed up so far. I tried poison, but now I am trying an under the hood electronic device on one of the...
  15. redantpile

    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    I was just putting in a couple of circuits for my tools in the garage. Table saw, compressor etc... At least 10 years ago and had no thought of charging an EV. I don't drive very much, and hope that this circuit will work for charging. I'm guestimating charging it 5 times a month on my driving...
  16. redantpile

    220V vs 240V - need advice on new home build

    Yes they are the same. I installed a 20 amp 240 volt outlet in the garage for my power tools. I'm going to use it for the R1S(assuming I buy it) so I measured the voltage at the outlet just to see what it actually is. It is 235 volts.
  17. redantpile

    An old whimsical wish for slow speed sound effects

    I would like the sound of an air cooled Volkswagen beetle engine. Increased rpm's and even the gear shifts as you accelerate. Just to make people laugh.