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    Launch mode not as good after update

    Has anyone else noticed that launch mode is no longer as strong as it was? This happened from this update. It used to have a suddenly jerk when coming off the break peddle. I thought it was just me but saw others discussing it. So I thought I would bring it here.
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    We have been hunting since they came out. And finally scored. A dollar store had four R1Ts. Now my two sons and I can have them to play with. And I can put one in my office. Sorry for those still looking. This little bit of sunshine made my day. I do wish they made it in red canyon though
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    Refrigerated console drawer?!

    Okay, all of you that make special equipment, I have an idea for you A refrigerated drawer that replaces the camp speaker. In RJs interview on MKBHD he said that they were working on a drawer that could replace the camp speaker if you wanted. Now hear me on this, there is power down there for...
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    Edison Future truck

    I am at a solar convention in California this week and saw the Edison future concept truck this thing is huge. I doubt it will ever make it to production. But kinda neat
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    Quick Map Tip: zoom in with 1 finger tap, zoom out with 2 finger tap

    I have posted this within other people’s threads. So sorry for any repeat. Zooming in and out is tough while driving. So try this instead. To zoom in tap with 1 finger twice I To zoom out tap with 2 fingers once
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    Seat positions will not remember until serviced

    I have been on this forum for a while and haven’t seen this one before. Anyone else seen it? Soft and hard reset didn’t fix. I guess I will open a ticket. Luckily it’s not urgent so I will wait for them to come to me or I will wait for a loaner. Portland doesn’t have a brick and mortar location...
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    Best… Shirt… Ever!!

    Rivian shop has been out of shirts since they started selling trucks. So our dear friend made the best shirt ever. Thank you so much Danielle
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    Getting gas with my R1T (for incoming ice storm) was weird

    We have 19deg rain coming in. So yup freezing rain. So the weirdest thing is driving my truck into a gas station to fill up cans for my generator. Honestly it was weird. Also, After owning my first EV, the R1T. I will compare filling gas to what smokers experience after they quit smoking. You...
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    Went up the mountain for a Christmas tree using the R1T 🎄

    What a great vehicle. I love the red truck with a green tree. Very traditional. I have been waiting for this since I got my truck. The northwest gets the wettest snow. Then when it rains it gets very slippery. I am on 21” so not as good as the 20” AT. But while driving up I passed by a jeep...
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    Alexa voice commands that work for me (updated with official full list)

    We know there is plenty to add still but there are some things that work better than I thought! here are some of my commands I use. hat are other commands that work for you? “Alexa… Open trunk” (front trunk opens) Close trunk” Open tailgate” Turn on lights” (cabin lights) Turn off lights”...
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    My R1T is ready for Christmas 🎄

    I love decorating my truck. Will not use the rack lights on the highway. I just love having a unique truck. And the green wrap accents the canyon red so we’ll. Thank you @twraps for walking me through the light bar install. great product and best service.
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    More Navigation Tips

    I took a long road trip and used the navigation a lot. I previously posted about some Navigation tips but taught myself some other tips. (using 2022.35.03) to see previous tips- Navigation Tips Zoom in by tapping 1 finger 2 times Zoom out by tapping 2 fingers 1 time click on the compass on...
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    Navigation screen tips

    There are a few tips to help use the navigation screen better. It took me a bit to realize these features this is also thanks to @Dirty_B and this thread Hidden Zoom Buttons 1. Zoom button comes up if you tap the screen. Makes zooming easier than pinching while driving 2. Click on the...
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    Door Handles and Wedding Rings Don’t Mix

    So I guess I have been opening my door wrong. I should be grabbing the outside and not putting my fingers through the inside. My ceramic wedding ring has scratched up my handle
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    Show & Tell Mode for camping - brightens light bar

    Okay, Show And Tell mode is hidden in the service menu. But I realized that the light bar gets super bright. Much better than just when it’s parking lights. It would be great to have this option in camp mode but until then you can just do this with Show And Tell mode So, just like the side...
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    I may be closing my Gear Tunnel incorrectly

    So in closing my gear tunnel on the top of the door I believe it has started to crease my panel. I would suggest closing it by pushing on it more than a few inches from the top of the door and avoid pushing the door near the top edge you can now see a line when at a high reflective angle. I...
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    Sand Mode is Awesome

    It drains the power pretty quick but a lot of fun. I got into more soft sand than I was planning and on my 21” all seasons WITHOUT airing down mostly just floated over the top mostly small dunes next to the ocean. I also did a little drifting. If I were to go over larger dunes in a larger area...
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    Helpful R1T / R1S Owner Tips 👨🏻‍🎓

    I thought it would be nice to cover the things that don’t get covered in reviews. Those little bits information that could be nice for everyone to know. So after having my truck 2 months I have come across little things from experience and forums that I thought would be nice to consolidate. I...
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    Can Camp Speaker Play Vehicle Audio?

    I am trying to get my camp speaker to play audio from my truck and it is not connecting. Is there a way to do this?
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    The Small Things Make Me Happy With Updates

    I didn’t realize how much I love seeing a percentage of battery next to my miles this makes more since to me. absolutely loving this update (with leveling also)