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  1. Rainman

    What's the point of PDI?

    While I don’t know if my R1T came out of Normal as it should have or if the Orlando SC did their job, but I picked up my truck on Friday 6/1 and haven’t found an issue yet. ito is too bad there isn’t better consistency with this.
  2. Rainman

    Your Rivian Guide Experience- Meet Expectations or Less Than Stellar? (Knowledge, Helpful, Responsiveness?)

    My guide (Ruby) has been fantastic. Very communicative and if she doesn't have an answer she gets it for me. She also had updates for me on my R1T's status with fairly accurate timing.
  3. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    If anyone is following along, I just received a text from the SC saying my R1T is ready and offering dates for pick up. Friday at 10:00 AM I will be in my new Rivian Blue truck. May 11 reservation May 16 locked in order May 29 truck ready June 2 delivery Not bad at all ...
  4. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    Does anyone know how long the PDI process takes? I just received an email from my guide saying that my R1T is" ready for it's pre-delivery inspection". I s this a multi-day process?
  5. Rainman

    Gratitude for New R1T 💚

    I’m pretty sure this is why the stock went up yesterday 😀
  6. Rainman

    【update: opinion needed】Organizer for that massive space on the lower console area.

    I will order an all black unit when available
  7. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    Update - received a message from my guide today that my R1T is at the SC and going into PDI. 5/11 reservation made 5/16 - secured in R1 shop and 7 steps completed I wonder how long this last step will take?
  8. Rainman

    First trip requiring charging on the road

    Thanks for the update, and that is solid efficiency!
  9. Rainman

    Instant R1 Shop access for new R1T orders -- 14 days or less delivery now available for some configurations

    I placed my reservation on May 11 and got shop access on May 16. I immediately had a match to a VIN, completed 7 of the purchasing steps and now I wait. My guide told me my R1T is still in Normal.
  10. Rainman

    Blacking out lower front and rear trim?

    I’m a big fan of plastidip and have used it many times. When I get my truck I will black out the silver with plastidip and report back
  11. Rainman

    Home delivery eligible distance from service center?

    Does anyone happen to know the proximity to an SC for home delivery. My guide hasn't got back to me so I thought I would ask here. The web site simply says "where available". I'm in Sarasota FL - 137 miles from the Orlando SC.
  12. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    Update for ya'll - received a text from my guide ... my R1T is still in Normal and will take 4-6 weeks to get to Florida. I knew it was too good to be true :)
  13. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    I was pleasantly surprised with my trade in allowance from Rivian (and accepted it). they offered me the same amount as Carvana and when I factored the sales tax benefit it was a very fair offer (Ford Raptor)
  14. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    Yes, I couldn't believe how many are available!
  15. Rainman

    R1T Reservation to VIN in 5 days!!

    What a ride this has been ... I have been pondering an R1T for 18 months. Last Thursday night 5/11 I committed and made a reservation - today I got access to the R1 Shop and completed everything other than the delivery step ... I sure hope I don't sit and wait at this stage - though I do have a...
  16. Rainman

    Debadge Rivian R1T - for those curious to see what it looks like

    This looks fantastic - how did you do the hood logo in flat black?