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  1. Misaligned steering wheel issue on R1T and R1S -- NHTSA Customer Satisfaction Campaign RCA-10-23-002-1

    NHTSA has a campaign listed for misaligned steering wheels on R1T and R1S from Jan 22-March 23 https://static.nhtsa.gov/odi/tsbs/2023/MC-10235683-0001.pdf
  2. Cracked Windshield

    I've gotten a few more dings in the glass since my replacement. Quick Question for all here that may know: Looking at the truck, camera is in the center of the glass - ADAS is to the left, correct? What's the one on the right that is just a circle? I think I may have picked up a chip right on...
  3. App version 1.14 available

    Not sure how much I’ll be able to use the gear tunnel door opening from app. Usually I need to be right at it to grab the door and open or tot latches again, just slightly cracked.
  4. 2023.14.0 Software update released

    I noticed with this release that WiFi will have a line through it to show disabled. I don’t recall this in previous versions. when going into drive, now the icon will change and show it isn’t active. Anyone on an older version able to see the difference and if available try to connect to a...
  5. Anyone else still waiting for 2023.14.0?

    You may have to get a visit. There was a campaign about some modules that could cause updates to be stuck suggest pinging service thread here https://www.rivianforums.com/r1t-customer-satisfaction-campaign-battery-management-system-bms-firmware-may-prevent-ota-updates/
  6. Show off your dashcam memory card install

    Did you pull your drive and hook up to computer? The drive cam doesn't show in the UI - only the incidents and selecting the button I believe (horn honk, hard brake, etc). Otherwise for the full drive, you need to look at the files on the drive from another device.
  7. 2023.14.0 Software update released

    Did the usual kid school round trip this morning after having applied the update. DriveCam Observations: It breaks each video into 15 minutes. Each 15 minute video is 1.13GB according to my Mac (for all but the Gear Guard camera on the truck, which is 788MB) My 41:15 recording time trip today...
  8. 2023.14.0 Software Update NICE! New Gear Guard App w/ Drive Cam

    no current means for us to force. They do a rolling release usually and so not all receive at the same time
  9. Rivian Comms Down 🙃

    Some members have had a communication module go bad. I forget what it is called and I still need a bit more coffee this morning. With an update awhile ago, a full truck reboot triggers sending diagnostic data to the mothership before then rebooting and if that can’t happen, truck wasn’t...
  10. Rivian home charging problems!

    Or a full truck reboot. Some folks haven’t been able to get charging to start and the full reboot helped resolve.
  11. Show off your dashcam memory card install

    Not having the latest update, I can't speak to it all. That being said, here were the requirements to save GG video. I would say that they are still going to leverage either of those formats.
  12. 2023.14.0 Software Update NICE! New Gear Guard App w/ Drive Cam

    I'm considering the Samsung T7. Friend of mine pointed me to the Raspberry Pi as well though that can emulate and upload to storage when on WiFi. Probably won't go that far, but here are some links for those who might be interested https://teslacrunch.com/raspberry-pi-tesla-usb/...
  13. RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    Yes. just stopped at the Augusta location. Nice setup, sole Rivian there. Pulled a hair over 210 max, picture at 208
  14. 17 MPH - S L O W Charging Rate

    This. You charge up at a rate - that would be similar to the flow of fuel for ICE. Most people don’t pull up to a gas station and say they are adding however many miles a minute - they say they added 10 gallons. That 10 gallons would go further Corolla than it would an expedition.
  15. Turn on Exterior Cameras in Drive?

    go to cameras in the menu and you can have front or rear or sides.