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    Charging a Rivian from various outlets (tried 120v through the 14-50 mobile charger too)

    Well done. I love it. My son bought his first EV. A mini SE. he lives in an apartment with a parking garage. He asked permission to get a spot next to 240 outlet. I helped him make an Adapter. He is so excited. He loves to live with free juice. Also, I watched the TFL video of them taking a...
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    Rivian home charger wire -- flexible or stiff in deep winter low temperatures

    More of my issue was plugging outside during freezing rain. I got clever and cut one side of a bag and shut it into the front trunk
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    “Your SUV is raising. Wait before driving to prevent damage.”

    Never wait. Just pull out slow and get up to speed. It may ding at me again but I just proceed. Been doing this since kneel came out. try this, change ride height right when it happens. I bet it goes away instantly.
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    USB Audio Source Petition

    I opted for the charge pad that joins both mag charges in one cord (from twraps) But yeah drive cam takes the other now.
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    “Your SUV is raising. Wait before driving to prevent damage.”

    My driveway is a little uneven. Ever since kneel mode came out this message pops up every time I park at home. I just drive easy until it comes out of kneeling. I think it’s saying don’t go crazy until you change heights. Not the best wording imo. You can park in sport mode (even lower) and this...
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    Rivian home charger wire -- flexible or stiff in deep winter low temperatures

    Maybe not super cold. But This winter we had temps down to 20ish. It was fine. It’s bulky but wasn’t any harder to use because it was cold.
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    Tailgate refinement needed. Rattles, clunky and heavy

    In reality because of the articulation of its extra long out swing, it is like closing a tailgate 2 times its size. Just physics. Unfortunately No cheap way around it to make the tailgate come out further. It’s a gate that opens 1.5 times it height. Unlike any other ever. Rattles, yeah that...
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    RJ: “Really high performance drive unit” unannounced

    And no I am not. Just got my 21s replaced at 13,500 miles. And yes I love to take off. I say “Why have it if you don’t use it”. $1600 every year, sure.
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    Matchbox Toy Rivian Placed on my Windshield

    I plan on doing this also. Have 1 in my truck ready to place and another waiting in my office.
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    Rivian Crossbar Whistling solved w/ cheap fix product

    That was pretty slick getting the Amazon rivian van driving in the background. How did you manage that one?
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    What is this? Where does it go?

    Yeah, mine comes off all the time. With my easy-entry setting my seat goes all the way back (already on the lowest) and I think it pushes it off doing this because I can’t get it back on while in this position.
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    Launch mode not as good after update

    Yup, notes from the next update hint at something Update 18.0: “…Addressed a regression with acceleration response that affected launch performance”
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    Vanity Tags

    That’s not bad. I already have mine but this is right up my alley. It would match my shirt
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    Charger Handle Locking

    I prefer that it unlocks when done charging. This is the polite thing to do. When at a level 2 destination type charger (hotel/trailhead) when your vehicle is done charging someone else can use the charger. Honestly I don’t know if I will ever have a use for the mobile charger except private or...
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    Instant R1 Shop access for new R1T orders -- 14 days or less delivery now available for some configurations

    What cracks me up is everyone thinks every order is equal. People get made because they MUST have some items but other people that are not picky get theirs sooner. Or people don’t live close enough to a service center. So these things matter: 1. Proximity to service center 2. Motor...
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    Launch mode not as good after update

    Has anyone else noticed that launch mode is no longer as strong as it was? This happened from this update. It used to have a suddenly jerk when coming off the break peddle. I thought it was just me but saw others discussing it. So I thought I would bring it here.
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    Dollar tree.
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    I think I will have 2 extras. That sounds like a great idea!!
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    On the tonneau topic. Mine hasn’t broke either. And everyone I meet seems to have a working tonneau. Either I run into all the ones that still work or more work than people realize.
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    I bought 4 more R1Ts today

    I do have a red canyon paint pen. I think I will color one. Great ideas.