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  1. R1T Manual Tonneau Cover Guide Posted

    That's also the reason I prefer and was waiting for a manual option.
  2. Rivian's pricing problem... how do they solve it?

    I bought the R1T at full price after a test drive of the R1S which we have a early preorder on. Give it a couple of years and this current pricing will look like a steal. I figure the R1T won't get any cheaper anyway.
  3. Ineos Grenadier drive event

    Maybe yours, not mine.
  4. Ineos Grenadier drive event

    It's pretty obvious ineos wasn't able to deliver on what they originally promised and are screwing over US and Canadian buyers. Why spend $90K on one when you can get a fully loaded diesel truck or a Rivian in the US for that price? Reviewers like harry are spot on. I truly hope you enjoy yours...
  5. Ineos Grenadier drive event

    Yes. They're all overpriced status symbols. The grenadier is not a good value. Already seeing gremlins with their electronics, no track record of reliability, and you can't even tell me what your out the door price will be because you are at the mercy of your dealer (who they aren't revealing...
  6. First Tow to the Ramp...... R1T towing 20' Grady White Boat

    Same experience with my duramax and airstream. Very convenient. Especially when stopping for fuel and getting into the back (camper top on) to grab drinks or snacks out of the cooler. The R1t isn't alone though, my brother in law just got an f350 and was pissed to see that he couldn't open the...
  7. First Tow to the Ramp...... R1T towing 20' Grady White Boat

    Nice boat! I wish we had more control when backing up to hitch. Much easier on a truck to let the motor slowly back you up in gear while modulating the brake pedal for fine movement. Much more difficult to use the accelerator pedal in the R1T. You can kind of do it if you put it in neutral...
  8. Current Rivian owners - What’s one change that would make you happier?

    For real. My other truck is a duramax and it's not nearly as supportive as the R1T (although I do love the option to heat just my lower back only instead of ass and back at the same time).
  9. Aftermarket Racks, Tents, RTT for Rivian R1S / R1T by Range Industries, Spider, DCE / Weistec, Ruff Rax (@ Overland Expo 2023)

    I can't help but think that aerodynamics may be better if they mount all their stuff on the inside rails facing the bed as opposed to the exterior rail.
  10. R2 clay model "revealed" under blanket cover!

    R1T is already small for a pickup. If you would go smaller, you probably don't have a real need for one.
  11. First customer Dual-Motor R1T rolls off production line!

    Maize for the best. Gray for the rest. Go Blue.
  12. Ineos Grenadier drive event

    I had one that looked like that reserved. Cancelled when they revealed pricing here. They're trying to fleece Americans and Canadians while not holding true to their original ethos. Farmers won't be buying this thing. It's for gwagon posers now. That's the image. Fuck that guy who started it...
  13. Beware Silverado EV fans

    You can say lipstick on a pig all you want, but I love my dmax still and don't care if i have to drag a dumb ass trailer of batteries behind me or mount them all over the truck. If it works, I'll be tempted to trade the r1t for the Denali ev.
  14. Official Rivian Story: Fleet of All-Electric Rivian Service Vans Hit The Road

    Obviously they intend to use these vans to charge our Rivians while in motion on road trips to keep us from having to stop and charge.
  15. May 28th 9am to 11 DMV Cars and Coffee Rivian Edition (Potomac, MD Boulangerie Christophe)

    Saw this topic and was curious what it is that you do there? Is it just a meet and greet thing? Talk and drink coffee and eat macaroons in a parking lot?
  16. R1S PPF done in Ceramic Pro Kavaca Matte Wrap + Rivian Lightbar Letters

    Did you not wrap the black parts of the roof? Looks gloss still.
  17. Rivian as sole vehicle?

    To be fair, op didn't ask a question. Seemed to be an invitation to post about our own situations.
  18. Rivian as sole vehicle?

    Nope. I have a big ol' heavy duty diesel for distance towing and if the Rivian craps out on me. I also wouldn't have bought an R1T without that truck in the stable already.
  19. WAPO Article: EV makers poised for a shakeout. Rivian has best potential to be a “mini Tesla-like ecosystem."

    Dang it, that was meant for the the hot thread since I had tint put on today. Oh well...