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  1. R1TruKaLa

    Matchbox Rivian R1T is Released!

  2. R1TruKaLa

    Can they program a one-headlamp wink?

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    PSA - DO NOT USE LECTRON ADAPTOR w/ Tesla Wall Charger on Rivian

    I use a Juice box level 2 charger and hired an electrician to install the device. No issues so far. The R1T is an awesome vehicle, have not issue charging at home. I bought a Tesla adapter hoping to use it on the road and after research and asking a Tesla tech installer ,I was advised not to...
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    Picked Up Our Compass Yellow R1S

    Love the background 🤓
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    2 months of R1T ownership in pics

    Great pics, what tires do you have to get that Great pics, what tires do you have on your R1T to get that mileage? I have 20” AT’s in conserve mode I get 313 miles. I’m envious..😎
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    R1T recovery needed at Salton Sea (stuck in mud). PSA: have a recovery plan when off-roading

    Glad you made it out with help, shit happens but you’re safe and the R1T will have stories to tell…😬🤓😎
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    Modern Day Clampets with “Truckla”

    Driving back from the memorial weekend attending the BMW Norcal motorcycle annual 49er Rally at the Mariposa Fairgrounds. Stopped at a Ran charge station in Manteca (6 chargers) and saw more Rivianites in the wild. I put “Truckla” to the test overpacking whatever I could stuff in the frunk...
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    Unplanned Rock Crawling in West Virginia

    You brave adventurous soul ,👍🏼 good to hear everything came out alright .
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    Rivian Adventure Network: What's been your experience so far?

    Used one in El Portal Ca, was slow, 11 miles from Yosemite, (Level 1 ?) then used the Ran network in Yosemite for roughly 2.5 hours while taking in the glorious sights of Yosemite, charged up to 75% and gave me plenty of battery juice to Atwater Ca (roughly 80 miles) for the next charge.
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    Silverado RST vs Rivian R1T

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    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    I bought an adapter on Amazon and was told now that I can’t use it or it would’nt work after I paid $150. Very frustrating when your’re looking for chargers and all you see is Teslas charge stations everywhere if you’re traveling or in a town that has nothing else to offer..
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    Brake light function with one pedal driving?

    Very true, most people drive like idiots, everyone making up their own rules 😖
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    Gratitude for New R1T 💚