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  1. oskeei

    My first Rivian issue, it thinks it is -40 degrees outside when it's about 90 degrees.

    Posted same experience on Reddit Rivian forum. I have searched and have yet to see someone with similar problem. My Rivian thinks it's -40 degrees outside of the car. Today is actually probably one of the hotest day of the year at 90 degrees. Does not seem to affect anything in the car...
  2. oskeei

    Wristband Key "coming soon" to Adventure Shop

    I know Rivian said no wristband in shop a couple months ago. Maybe it hasn't been updated, but it shows as "Coming Soon to Adventure Shop" when it talks about the wristband key.
  3. oskeei

    What's Rivian doing with the returned vehicles (via 7-day return window)?

    What is Rivian doing with the vehicles being returned within the 7 day window? Any chance these are landing in the S/T shop?