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  1. 240vPlug

    Adding a 2nd EV to the family, best dual charger?

    There are a couple things you can do to make space. They make tandem breakers which will allow you to group two lower amperage breakers into one breaker slot. We used those at the old place for a couple lighting circuits which allowed enough room for the EV charger. Alternatively you could...
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    Rivian R1S / R1T - 12V Battery Installation (Ohmmu) Replacement battery

    Interesting. I'll have to pull mine off. Mine is a March built 23 model.
  3. 240vPlug

    Rivian R1S / R1T - 12V Battery Installation (Ohmmu) Replacement battery

    Yeah the Tesla system was designed around the 15.5v battery. These batteries have their own BMS and I wouldn't be surprised if they caused issues with the Rivian. I also don't see any real benefits other than weight savings.
  4. 240vPlug

    Passenger side lower than driver side.

    Ok, mine appears to have resolved itself. I checked immediately following a drive this evening and its all within 1/4" when I measure from the wheel center line. I think mine just needs to have the the alignment adjusted. Man I love this truck more and more each time I drive it.
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    Smelly A/C?

    Yes, the cabin filter I believe is located under the plastic cowl cover. You take the vent cover off and there is a cabin air filter back there. I only know this because I saw a video showing 12v battery replacement and you can see a cabin filter in the video. Certainly you can put in a...
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    Smelly A/C?

    This happens with many different cars. My VW Jetta did it years ago. The evaporator coils need cleaning and at the same time a new cabin filter should solve this issue. Something like Klima clean is usually what it used if you take it to a pro. Not sure how to access the evap on the Rivian...
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    Passenger side lower than driver side.

    Thanks for that. Glad to hear they were able to fix it for you. I am going to add it to my July service for the alignment issue. Like you said its very likely they are related....though mine doesn't seem to be pulling its more like it will drift off to the right if I hold the wheel straight...
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    Rivian R1S / R1T - 12V Battery Installation (Ohmmu) Replacement battery

    I saw that video too. Supposedly they have built-in heating to keep the batteries in the optimal temp range. Would be interested to see how they perform. I can't see a reason to upgrade at this point though.
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    Passenger side lower than driver side.

    watching this thread. I just noticed the driver side is 1" lower than the other corners of the vehicle. I was in lowest ride height setting attempting to check tire tread depth. I noticed I couldn't even get my hand in on the driver front. Steering wheel is off a bit to the left since I got...
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    Brake System Malfunction & Limp Mode - 19MPH

    Glad to hear you got an update. Sounds like Tesla service. They really will not share much info other than "we were able/unable to duplicate the problem" and "we are still in the process of diagnosing your concern". Tesla gives estimated time of completion but those really don't mean...
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    Chittering? Fluttering? at steady speed, probably in front end

    Any chance you can get video of it? It's really hard to say.
  12. 240vPlug

    Tire wear: normal or need alignment?

    I would try to measure with a tread depth guage to see how much difference there is across the tread.
  13. 240vPlug

    Just got invited to R1 Shop for my R1S... Questions

    No MD SC just yet. Capital Heights is a non-customer-facing SC. I was told we would take delivery from Richmond, VA. We aren't that far from you if your in SE PA. We are near Frederick, MD.
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    PSA - DO NOT USE LECTRON ADAPTOR w/ Tesla Wall Charger on Rivian

    I'm sorry this happened. At least they covered under warranty. I like the Tesla wall connector for power sharing features. The J1772 model is great with the Rivian as it comes standard with a J1772 plug instead of the Tesla (NACS) plug.
  15. 240vPlug

    Recommendations for home charger?

    No adapter required for the J1772 Tesla Wall Connector. This unit has a J1772 plug (not the NACS plug that comes on the standard TWC). I read about your issue briefly....yeah that's not good. Shouldn't have happened. I definitely wouldn't recommend adapters for permanent home charging. As...
  16. 240vPlug

    Tractor Hauling

    Beautiful truck! A couple thinks working against you on range. 1) the AT tires significantly reduced the range of the truck. Generally speaking when towing you will get half range. In your case should be about 140 miles...less if you add a little buffer (and you should) 2) 70 is too fast...
  17. 240vPlug

    Brake System Malfunction & Limp Mode - 19MPH

    Sometimes what should be an easy fix isn't either because of multiple possible causes or inexperience. Your second question is a good one. Unfortunately this is one of those problems that is intermittent....those are the worst kind to diagnose. Hopefully since it's coming in the 2nd time now...