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  1. oskeei

    New 21" tire option - Michelin Defender LTX M/S 2 275/55-21 @ $380

    My local CostCo and Sam's Club (Central Illinois) both indicated they have no issues with mounting tires/rotations/balancing on the Rivian as long as the tires meet specs. Both were familiar with Rivians. At Sam's they said they would only use a specific lift which they had in only 1 of the 4...
  2. oskeei

    My first Rivian issue, it thinks it is -40 degrees outside when it's about 90 degrees.

    Posted same experience on Reddit Rivian forum. I have searched and have yet to see someone with similar problem. My Rivian thinks it's -40 degrees outside of the car. Today is actually probably one of the hotest day of the year at 90 degrees. Does not seem to affect anything in the car...
  3. oskeei

    Rumor: Rivian buying ABRP

    YES I KNOW we will not get AA or CP, but assuming some or all of this rumor is true. Wouldn't it just be cheaper to let AA and CP work on the headunit. Seems like a lot of wheel reinvention. I believe ABRP works on AA (and assume CP) natively.
  4. oskeei

    🙋🏻‍♂️ Delivered R1S Owners List and Stats [Enter Yours]!

    How does someone have a dual motor S, I thought the dual T just rolled off line.
  5. oskeei

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    The lesson I learned is Rivian needs to have a standard operating process especially with R1S shop access. It seems you have to get the "right" person to gain access. As soon as I found that person, like the R1, it accelerated VERY quickly.
  6. oskeei

    Wristband Key "coming soon" to Adventure Shop

    I know Rivian said no wristband in shop a couple months ago. Maybe it hasn't been updated, but it shows as "Coming Soon to Adventure Shop" when it talks about the wristband key.
  7. oskeei

    Rivian VIN Decoder

    Picking up a P (2023) Vin 98xx. Got it off the shop this past Tuesday, I can deduce it came off the floor as it was first inspected (factory floor?) then the Normal Service Center did a quality check.
  8. oskeei

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I think a lot of folks also went this route even though customer support told me three separate times from three different individuals that they did NOT have the ability to request shop access. Give it a week I would say. If you have the contact info for the customer support POC, also does not...
  9. oskeei

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I think it really depends. It was one week (7 calendar days) for me from being told they were "trying" to get me access to when I got it. I saw someone say it was the next day after they asked. When you say "shop access request" are you referencing stating you were open to configurations...
  10. oskeei

    R1S Shop access live with lots of inventory!

    I didn't get guide until 2 hours after I selected my R1S from the shop.
  11. oskeei

    Latest VIN check R1S. What is the real production rate...

    98xx, picking up at factory. Finish all but delivery schedule step. Guide said it is getting inspected.
  12. oskeei

    What is your R1’s name? 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Once I get her, it'll be "Valus Ta'aurc"
  13. oskeei

    Recent Rivian factory tour observations on production, shifts, configurations

    If they add a check box to let people commit to factory delivery, shipping bottleneck less of issue. I am one of the rare birds that moved back to live and work in Central Illinois. After 2.2ish years waiting, I am ready for pick up at Factory, but no way for me to let them know I am easy...
  14. oskeei

    Getting ready for Summer Heat -- Glass Roof Sunshade options?

    Tintiing to block IR will go long way to reduce temp. Just did Kavaca IR to all windows for our nonRivian truck which is too big for garage. Has made huge difference. Installer indicate to get full benefit all windows should get the film. If u do not want darker shade most of the IR blocking...