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    Ontario service centre

    There is already a thread for this.
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    Rivian is just doing some token deliveries in BC for the sake of saying they are doing deliveries in Canada. Even those deliveries have dried out since the last quarter push. I don't expect Canada as a whole is a top priority for them. right now. I would guess they are focused on a Europe...
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    R2 clay model "revealed" under blanket cover!

    Has the outlines of a Bronco Sport,
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    Misaligned steering wheel issue on R1T and R1S -- NHTSA Customer Satisfaction Campaign RCA-10-23-002-1

    Interesting how Rivian think that driving in a straigh line is not important to the performance of the vehicle, This condition is noticeable to the customer but would not result in any changes in the performance of the vehicle
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    RED CANYON Rivian Photos

    I like the red from the photos and like you prefer a Metallic Red type color, and if this is more of an orange I will stick with FG until I have a chance to see RC in person.
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    RED CANYON Rivian Photos

    You are making me reconsider going back to Red.
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    Until the Vaughan service centre is up and running by end of summer or latest early fall and vehicles are being shipped there, I don’t expect deliveries happening this year. They might screech pass and do a few token delieveries to show they have delivered.
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    Comparison images: Rivian Drive Cam vs. Aftermarket Dash Cam (+ video samples added)

    So this is the best solution the software and hardware group at Rivian could come up with and thought this would be an acceptable solution. This is the same group of people who think they can build a better UI/OS than Google or Apple.
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    Could be a NY vehicle. Did you happen to notice if it had a yellow plate ?
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    My estimate got tightened for January - March 2024
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    Where about ? I might go snooping !
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    We should know end of this month if this is true or not.
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    Tesla Magic Dock is Amazing (Charged R1T @ Red Hook NY Station)

    As a Tesla owner I am going to play the NIMBY card and say I don't want Tesla to open up more of the SC network for CCS charging until they deploy the new V4 stations. If Elon is serious about this then he can implement this with a better solution (V4) and not the half a** way he is doing just...
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    Get 2nd Rivian Wall Charger or another option?

    Check out the Pion Power Flex. This is a portable/travel charger, which can be purchased as a 32A or 40A option. It also comes with a carry case and NEMA 14-50 and 110V adapter. Why not use the Rivian travel charger (which I am assuming is included) in your second property ?
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    It might be from NY.
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    R1S Rallycross Review (Mexico) + Trip Report

    Doesn't look like you were doing a lot of inspecting there.
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    Yeah mine is a pre-march price reservation, just around 110K
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    Ontario Service Centre Location

    I have the Adventure reservation.
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    Kia EV9 Specs are out

    More specs, Kia's EV9 electric SUV will offer Level 3 autonomy and a 336-mile range | Engadget RWD Long Range model with a 99.8kWh battery will offer up to 336 miles of range on WLTP. 76.1kWh RWD Standard Range base configuration RWD Long Range with a 150kW motor will be the...
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    Canadian delivery timeframe

    Damn, that el cap does look sharp. With those gloomy BC weather the color will definitely pop. Did you get the Meridian or Rivian audio ?