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  1. Smelly A/C?

    So you're saying the frunk isn't the spot for my dirty gym socks?
  2. Rivian's pricing problem... how do they solve it?

    These are high priced luxury vehicles. Which means they will depreciate RAPIDLY once they become widely available. Remember that old adage about losing 30% of value the moment you drive it off the lot? It hasn't been true for the last three years, but it will be true again in the near future...
  3. Thousands of Rivian R1 and EDV waiting to be delivered from Normal Plant (6/1/23 photo)

    I’m right there with you. It’s just as much about local air quality as it is about climate change here. Electrifying the big fleets (among other things) is what we need to get back to breathable local air.
  4. Thousands of Rivian R1 and EDV waiting to be delivered from Normal Plant (6/1/23 photo)

    Amazon is aggressively cost-cutting this year, including cutting their capex. Reading between the lines, I'm guessing Amazon is simply slowing their EDV rollout as a way to preserve capital. Having played these corporate games myself, here's what I see as contributing to the rationale: 1...
  5. Why is RIVN market cap ($12 bln) only equal to cash on hand??

    The value of a company is the present value of its future cash flows. Cash flow is still far in the future and highly speculative. And it’s likely they’ll need extra capital to get there, diluting existing stock holders. I very much want Rivian to succeed, but they’ve still got a massive...
  6. Solar charging kit in the works for Rivian

    As EV's as camping & work vehicles proliferate, so will the electric accessories that go with them. People are doing all types of cool stuff with refrigerators, stoves, lights, power tools, etc. As the number of these vehicles proliferate, so will the opportunities to do something with that...
  7. Order says Full Size Spare Tire - Do we get it still?

    I asked about this when I did a test drive yesterday. Apparently some spares have shipped with the AT tires, but not the other tires.
  8. First Camping Trip in the R1T and our iKamper RTT (and first time using RAN)

    You must be my camping twin! I'm looking at a nearly identical setup for when my R1T arrives. I already have that red camp-kitchen thingy. It looks like you had a wonderful trip. Do you think the iKamper mini could be mounted/unmounted by one person? Or does it need two people?
  9. Tidal Integration

    I don’t have my Rivian yet, but I’ve dealt with similar Alexa issues on other devices. One of the configuration settings in the app is linking your Alexa account with your music accounts, and choosing your default source for music. If I’m understanding how they built this correctly, it’s best...
  10. Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    I guess GM really is trying to copy Tesla’s formula.
  11. Silverado 450 Miles of Range

    I just don’t see the point in that much range unless you have serious towing needs. The battery alone in that will cost what, ~$25k? I think Hyandai/Kia have the right idea here. Charging speed becomes more important than range above ~300 miles. I find it much more believable that the market...
  12. Instant R1 Shop access for new R1T orders -- 14 days or less delivery now available for some configurations

    I requested shop access through CS on Wednesday, and it’s been crickets since. I do live close to the service center, so it’s unclear what triggers shop access or not.
  13. Colorado- Changes to the state tax credit

    Thanks for the research! I have the post-price hike pricing, so I'm trying to get access to the shop now and hopefully get something before the $80k MSRP cap takes effect. I guess those with pre-price hike pricing would want to push out the delivery until after July 1st. What weird...
  14. Colorado- Changes to the state tax credit

    It looks like Governor Polis recently signed a law that changes the state tax credit. It looks like it will be good for many early pre-order holders, but bad for anyone paying more than $80k. The credit has increased to $5,000, but now only applies to vehicles with an MSRP below $80,000. The...
  15. R1S pre-price increase owners - What R1S configuration would you get if ordering today?

    I’m a post-price hike order holder, so I can answer with what I’ve actually reserved. I’m going with the dual motor, large pack and 21 inch wheels. Dual motor is more than adequate for my needs. I consider the added efficiency a plus as well. I agree with the point about the smaller battery...
  16. V2V, V2H, V2X - what's the holdup? Where are the deets?

    I imagine potential warranty issues are holding the manufacturers back as well. If they warranty a battery pack for X,000 miles, does that still apply if someone powers their house with it every day? Can they commit to battery replacements if people are using them that way? They probably...
  17. Recent Rivian factory tour observations on production, shifts, configurations

    I’ll speculate that it’s more a staffing issue than a real estate issue. Things like managing title paperwork, customer dispute processes, walkthroughs, and general product knowledge all take a decent amount of skill and training. I can see why Rivian would be hesitant to push more inventory to...
  18. Lucid Rolls Out New Leasing to End-Run Price Caps... Rivian to Follow?

    Fair enough. I was focused on the R1S, which can’t quite get there.
  19. Lucid Rolls Out New Leasing to End-Run Price Caps... Rivian to Follow?

    Rivian needs to do this. It's just a question of timing. I think they also need to come up with a version of the R1T/R1S that they can price at under $80k with the large battery pack. The longer range is important to a lot of people, but the bright line of $80k makes a huge difference in...