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  1. Batman

    Anyone buying a Tesla with new price drop while they wait on their Rivian

    I'm looking to buy a used 2021 Model Y Performance closer to $40k if possible since new 2023 is around $56k. With latest price drop, anyone else looking to buy a Tesla while they wait on their Rivian?
  2. Batman

    This youtube review points out R1S cabin interior noise?

    So just watched this R1S review where she points out cabin noise that does not exist in a Model X. That sounds very unfortunate when dropping $80k+. Anyone that has experience with both vehicles have same feedback?
  3. Batman

    Hard-sided rooftop camper

    Saw this recently and thought I'd share for you outdoor junkies. No price yet but i'm sure they'll charge an arm and a leg for it. https://www.redtailoverland.com/