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  1. "Outside of delivery range"

    I am 77 miles from the West Sacramento SC. Had no problem with delivery. I corresponded with the SC rather than the guide. Some good guides and some bad.
  2. Gratitude for New R1T 💚

    Great truck and adorable son! This truck is an engineering marvel . The more you drive it, you will see why.
  3. [Vote in poll] Turned off LKA (lane keep assist) today, and you should too!

    I turned off LKA the first day. I called the service center, they did not know what the warning was. I figured it out myself. LKA is not responsive enough on curves. My commute to Grass Valley is 45 miles on extreme curves. I read the most recent blog on LKA. How do I post my choice at the top...
  4. 5000 Miles of Perfect Operation From My R1T

    I live in the mountains with 45 miles of curves to the closest store. Ice and snow in the winter, even before the last OTA update the truck handled better than my QX 56 in ice and snow. I spent 3 years in Antarctica driving all kinds of equipment. I wish I had a Rivian R1T back then.
  5. 5000 Miles of Perfect Operation From My R1T

    My R1T Blue Truck has been PERFECT for the first 5000 miles. It is an engineering marvel. I have had 4 OTA updates since taking ownership. My # is 9362. This truck is a culmination of trail and error before it was produced. Being the first EV truck, I expected it would have some flaws...