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  1. 240vPlug

    PSA: Poor Quality PPF Install - Auto Film Guys in Tarpon Springs, FL

    I want to start by saying that I accept responsibility for my choice to have the job done out of my home state and on a short timeline. I will never make this mistake again. In hindsight I should have just applied track wrap to the high impact areas and taken it to my trusted installer in MD. I...
  2. 240vPlug

    XPEL PPF Templates

    Has anyone else here had a full or full frontal XPEL PPF done on their vehicle? I had a full PPF and the installer was great however both my side mirrors have a small section where PPF is missing. Does anyone else have this?
  3. 240vPlug

    MD Inspection Shops for R1T?

    Greetings folks. Well I have had my R1T for about two weeks now. Purchased used with 220 miles on it. It's a 2023 R1T adventure with a March build date. I purchased in Florida and since I'm registering in Maryland it appears I am required to get a safety inspection done since it's...
  4. 240vPlug

    Wheel Arch Trim Loose

    Right near the charge port button. I noticed it on a road trip when I went to tap the button the corner of the plastic trim where the button is located is not secured to the body of the carm. I can pry out gently and see a screw and wires underneath. If I push it back in it will stay until I...
  5. 240vPlug

    Road Trip Tampa, FL to Frederick, MD

    Took a road trip and it mostly went well except that we had a super slow charger and a stretch where there was limited charging available. The only available charger in that stretch was a shell recharge that maxed out at 80kw and it was kind of sketchy area. Two recharges that I did aren't...
  6. 240vPlug

    New To Us 2023 R1T Limestone

    Greetings all, I had an order in for this very config but couldn't wait the 1-4 months for delivery when I found a used example with only 220 miles on it available. She is getting full PPF as I write this. Super excited to start our adventures. Our Rivian transition will be complete when our...
  7. 240vPlug

    Temporary Protection for transport

    Greetings everyone. We plan to pickup our R1T this weekend and drive it back from Florida to MD. I can't locate a shop down there with availability to install PPF and Tint on the vehicle. So I am trying to figure out how to protect it until I can get it back to my normal installer here in MD...
  8. 240vPlug

    How long to get R1T? Placed reservation 4/21

    We have had an R1S reservation since February of 2022 (for my wife). On 4/21 I placed a reservation for an R1T (for me). The website said delivery timing 1-4mo and CS confirmed this. I am in the DC area. Any idea how long folks are waiting for R1T at this point? I am assuming most of the...
  9. 240vPlug

    R1T Power Output at Low SOC?

    Greetings all I have a Turo rental R1T. We are testing out as we have two reservations in with Rivian. We picked the truck up at 27% SOC and it seems really down on power. I know from driving Tesla that performance suffers at lower states of charge. I'm curious what owners have noticed at...
  10. 240vPlug

    I just placed a 2nd Reservation

    Hi All, me and the wife have been patiently awaiting our R1S. Now estimated between Jan and June next year. Today, I just placed another reservation this time for the R1T. I want the performance dual motor trim. Looks like it is only half second slower but has an additional 30 miles of rated...