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  1. Need help identifying plug

    I am going to an airbnb and need to adapt from this plug to charge. What are our best guesses as a community? I'll buy and take a couple if needed
  2. Been a good year... 25,000 miles and still love it

    Had the truck for 1 year. 25,000 miles. Still love it
  3. Quick Canada Trip

    I drove up from Buffalo, NY to Toronto today and back. Truck Stats were very average. 2.35 kWh/mi with 20 inch rims. Switching to kilometers was nice. Funny quirks like setting cruise still displayed in mph. Biggest surprise was the Queens Way Express which is the main highway from Buffalo up...
  4. Rivian does "tractor pull"

    Stumbled upon this on Instagram and went down the rabbit hole to find it on the internet. Not much information is given but boy the comment section is exciting.
  5. Rivian home wall electrical conector.

    I know... it's not a charger But Who has a Rivian wall "charger" and what miles added on hour does it display? I have one and am curious what others do
  6. Improved charging curve included in latest OTA software update

    People can commence argument on how this will actually change the charge curve. Posted by @Iwantatesla
  7. Rear screen options

    Specifically anybody who has been inside a Rivian, can you ballpark if you think in the future the rear screen could become an entertainment option for the rear seats? It's hard to tell its size and usability in photos.
  8. This weeks update on delivery windows?

    I would bet anybody we will be updated this week on delivery windows. Thoughts?