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  1. Iwannarivian

    R1T t-boned. Let’s see what it costs to repair hitting a light pole

    yeah..no way was she inching out to get a better view! She can just keep lying…her insurance can keep paying…her premiums for being a shit driver can keep going up! So tired of dishonest crappy people who refuse to be honorable and refuse to be truthful or except blame for anything! If it...
  2. Iwannarivian

    DriveCam Video -- Motorcycle Punks

    Yeah, IMO video doesn’t show anything to get anyones panties wet, but I still disagree there should be helmet laws or the like…WAY too many stupid people are among us…let natural selection take its toll!
  3. Iwannarivian

    Leaked photos of CyberTruck Interior

    Wow! That’s horrible looking! Looks like an entry level Hyundai interior…hard pass!
  4. Iwannarivian

    First Camping Trip in the R1T and our iKamper RTT (and first time using RAN)

    What was your driving efficiency? We MTB and use a tailgate pad, but have previously used a tow hitch bike rack that seemed to really hurt miles/kwh. I’ve been pondering the best solution to carrying bikes and a RTT. Thinking a bed rack that is tall enough to get bikes in bed over tailgate with...
  5. Iwannarivian

    Window trim lifting

    It’ll be fine my truck at the exact same thing
  6. Iwannarivian

    Launch mode not as good after update

    Haven’t tried full “launch” since update, but did notice it limits you to 110 MPH vs 115 previously…WTF Rivian!
  7. Iwannarivian

    [Update: Made It Out!] Drive Motor Failure During Off-roading Excursion Through Water Crossing

    Just saw this….and yes tow mode in maintenance menu. same thing happened to me last month stuck in the mud! Tow mode will stay engaged for 15 minutes at a time as long as you stay below want to say 8 mph. hopefully, you get it to reengage, I could not….rescued by off-road recovery company and...
  8. Iwannarivian

    RAM 1500 REV REVEALED! 💰 Sign in if you've reserved 🙋🏻‍♂️

    Wow…another super cool concept watered down to just be another boring truck! From what is now shown as the “production” model vs “concept” its night and day…front looks much more pedestrian, interior looks like current model truck, cool tailgate? Where’s that? Ram box rear fenders….missing! I...
  9. Iwannarivian

    Brush Bars Grille on R1T spotted at Denver SC

    I I like me some big racks….all joking aside, it looks stout…hitch mounted and clipped to tow hooks. Would still like an integrated winch option, but at least this allows for a hitch mounted winch to be used…wonder what the best power supply/wiring routing option would be in this case...
  10. Iwannarivian

    Range Industries Sierra Mid-rack installed w/ an iKamper Mini 3.0 mounted

    looks good, but yeah, that’s what I’ve been holding out for…a well made adjustable rack to keep everything aero…. before a tailgate pad, we used a hitch mount bike rack with 3 MTBs on it..was getting well under 2kw/mile…so aero is key!
  11. Iwannarivian

    Rivian R1T, Bronco, FJ40, and Jeeps off-road through deep snow in Oregon backcountry (video)

    nice vid, until the DH cop stops you with an BS road block…
  12. Iwannarivian

    Rivian Top Speed - Using Math to understand Why top speed is limited

    Yes..exactly, I have the 20 ATs..Thanks! it would be awesome to be able to drive 133.7MPH (10% limit)with an 800v upgrade though…😜
  13. Iwannarivian

    What I like least about my R1T

    Ok…I’ll bite! Not sure what your background of car ownership has been or what exactly you define as your ideal driving car, but from the sound of it, maybe you are being a tad bit critical?! I owned for about 8 yrs a Backdraft Racing Shelby Cobra that weighed about 2300Lbs, had 530 HP and NO...
  14. Iwannarivian

    Rivian Top Speed - Using Math to understand Why top speed is limited

    thanks for the great effort in compiling this data! Just curious…is the 112MPH what most are seeing? Mine has always had a top speed of 115MPH with the exception of conserve mode which has been 112MPH.
  15. Iwannarivian

    [SEMA 2022] Matte Dark Sage Green Rivian R1T Build by Doetsch Off-Road / Cooper Tires

    Looks awesome…that’s the color Ive wanted…but $1500/wheel!? Seriously!? Ah…nooooo….
  16. Iwannarivian

    New EA Chargers Are Failing in the Cold - Fixed!!?

    EA in St Charles, MO sucked while I was there…I too didn’t think cold wx would be a factor…but, it is EA.
  17. Iwannarivian

    HOA Threatens to Fine R1T Owner for Parking on His Own Driveway

    UGH!!! Don’t get me started about HOAs….most of which are run by lunatic overreaching, power hungry, egotistic morons…💩 Did I mention I don’t like HOAs?
  18. Iwannarivian

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    1. Dash cam capability 2. Ability to select rear cam of your choice (bed vs tailgate) to view when backing 3. Streaming video while parked (Prime, Netflix, etc…) or at least the ability to stream anything from another device 4. Control of RGB accent lighting 5. More availability to use Driver+...