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  1. Window tinting

    As we get ready for what is forecasted to be a hot summer around here, I’m wondering about tinting my windows and roof. Have any of you int the Seattle area done so? And would you have recommendations? thanks!
  2. Are there RAN chargers at the Bellevue service center?

    Would anyone know if there are RAN chargers at the Bellevue service center? Not asking to use as a costumer. I left my car for service due to it not being able to charge at RAN stations, but charges well otherwise. Just wondering how they are going to test it out. thanks
  3. What kind of loaner rentals have you gotten?

    Hi all, just dropped off my T to the shop and they did not have a loaner, so I got a rental through enterprise. I ended up with a Kona, as that was the EV option they had, but it’s just not cutting it. What kind of rental vehicles have you gotten when your truck has been in the shop? (at least...
  4. Lincoln city Oregón RAN

    Driving from Cannon beach to Crescent city CA. Attempted to charge at the Lincoln city RAN without success. I tried 3 separate chargers and they would all go red after 30 seconds or so. My car would stay white. Contacted Rivian and they walked me through 3 hard resets, but no luck. I’m currently...
  5. Regen weaker since last update?

    Has anyone noticed the regen being weaker since our last update?
  6. Email “learn more about trade ins, financing, insurance”

    Hi everyone, My wife is waiting for her R1S and received and email with the title as above. Did everyone who is waiting for their Rivian get the same email? Or could it mean that we are close to delivery? I have a T and never got an email like that one prior to delivery. thanks!
  7. Bellevue/Kirkland area car wash question

    Have any of you adventures into bringing your R1T or S to a car wash in the area? If so, which one? i used to bring my other cars to the one in Rose hill or pink elephant in Bellevue, but kind of worried about bringing the truck. thanks!
  8. Navigation issues today?

    Anyone having issues with their navigation window today? It was all dark for the most part, and when it would load, it would be very delayed.
  9. Wheel with arrows pointing down symbol

    Does anyone know what the little wheel with the arrows point down in the picture is trying to tell me?
  10. Anyone else experiencing this kind of efficiency? 1.53 mi/kWh this week

    Anyone else seeing this kind of efficiency? It’s been steadily going downhill from 2.1 3 weeks ago, prior to the latest update and colder temperatures in the Seattle area, to 1.53 this week! I charged to 70% Sunday night, drove a total of 53.8 miles, and was down to 37% tonight (equivalent of...
  11. Using more battery energy since the last software update?

    Hi, have any of you noticed that you are using more energy since the last update? I typically only drive 15 miles per day or so, and notice that I’m consuming more energy, as if I would have driven 30 miles! Without any other changes. Yes, it’s a bit colder and fain season is here, but would...
  12. Anyone driven a Rivian from Seattle to Cannon Beach?

    Hi all, just wondering if any of you has gone From the Seattle area to Cannon Beach on your Rivian, and we’re you able to make it without stopping for a charge? CB is 210 miles away from the Kirkland area, but we do have to go through a pass, which will likely lower our mileage. any info would...
  13. EV charger installation in the Kirkland WA area?

    Hi everyone, For all of you in the Seattle area (eastside in particular) would you have any recommendations on electricians to install our EV charger? Thank you in advance.
  14. Has anyone gone from Audi prestige line to Rivian?

    Hi everyone, I’m currently driving an Audi SQ5 prestige. Just wondering if anyone has switched form an Audi prestige to Rivian, and if so, what Do you miss the most?
  15. Question regarding ability to indicate you are open to different color(s)

    Hi all, My wife and I ordered an R1S each in December 2021. After carefully thinking about it, I switched my order to an R1T (wife kept the R1S order), as that is the car I really wanted to order in the first place, but only went with the S in order to fit in the dogs (will use wife's when dogs...