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    Windshield Replacement Hassle

    If you had a good insurance company then you would not have had that problem!!!!! I had mine replaced a few months ago and I just called my agent and he took care of! It’s called service unfortunately it seems Progressive and Rivian customer service dropped the ball. I’m sorry for you troubles...
  2. RIVinIT

    JFF: If you see a Rivian, you park next to the Rivian

    We use to flash other BMW 2002’s in the 70’s…. FLASH THISE HEADLIGHTS
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    Official Rivian Bike Pad for R1T Tailgate - First Look! 🚴‍♀️ (updated w/ photos in use)

    BC, Wow you sound really bitter, maybe you should sell the best truck on the market and get a combustion engine truck with no technology that has a manual roll up cover!
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    Compatible storage device for Drive Cam?

    Can someone send me a link for a storage device that works for the Drive Cam. All the storage devices I have will not plug into power slot. I googled it and was not able to find something. Appreciate the help
  5. RIVinIT

    Looking for cables or snow socks for 21's

    So I tried the XL snow socks up in Tahoe during the last storm and they did not fit. You have to go with the XXL size. We did not need them the truck went through the foot of snow with ease. Now Ice will be another story...... Yikes! Thanks for the posting from all. Much appreciated.
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    Looking for cables or snow socks for 21's

    Thank you for the reply, I did get an answer back and they said the XXL will fit.
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    Looking for cables or snow socks for 21's

    Has anyone purchased Snow socks for the stock 21's or cables? Rivian does not recommend chains. If so where did you purchase them? R1T Owner
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    Undriveable at night in wet snow due to LED headlights not melting snow & ice

    Good post, I was wondering when this was going to come up. The ideas in the post are all good, Rain X, PFF coasting, ceramic coating and so on. For this price range of a vehicle they should add some heating elements to the front lights, Maybe this is something they can add to the 2023 models...