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  1. Sgt Beavis

    Yellow Logo All Weather Floor Mats now available in Gear Shop for both R1S & R1T

    Thanks for the heads up. I just ordered. Can't wait to replace these garbage Husky mats.
  2. Sgt Beavis

    R2 clay model "revealed" under blanket cover!

    Agreed. i just hope it has MUCH better ground clearance.
  3. Sgt Beavis

    Ford/Tesla Deal: Access to Superchargers, adapter coming, future EVs will have NACS (Tesla) port

    Just a few thoughts/questions I have.. 1. I generally like this but how will it impact Magic Dock adoption? 2. This is a slap in EA’s face and they deserve it. 3. How much of the automotive landscape would NACS have to support in order to keep federal grants for new stations? 4. Seems to me...
  4. Sgt Beavis

    Is this the future or will it remain a concept?

    Crabwalk is close but not quite this. The wheels can't turn to that extreme of an angle for things like parallel parking.
  5. Sgt Beavis

    Is this the future or will it remain a concept?

    I guarantee you that it'll eventually happen. All you're looking at is a combination of hub motors in AWD, 4wheel steering, and the ability to turn all 4 wheels in that manner. It's not a massive technical uplift. You'll see if in Europe and Asian countries sooner than later. It'll eventually...
  6. Sgt Beavis

    Rivian R1S First Drive from a car guy / Raptor owner

    Totally agree here. I have a ‘21 Wrangler Rubicon with a 3.5” lift and 37s. My Gen 2 Raptor felt low compared to that. My R1T is a low rider by comparison. The Raptor is a dedicated desert runner. Even my Gen 2 Raptor, with the MUCH lower horsepower, is superior to that aspect than even my...
  7. Sgt Beavis

    3D Printed Rivian Stuff on Thingiverse Gone

    Slightly off topic fellas. I just bought my niece a 3D printer as her college graduation gift. That has renewed my interest in starting this as a new hobby. Any suggestions on tutorials (books, youtube, etc.) for getting started? Mucho Gracias
  8. Sgt Beavis

    2024 TACOMA - Here It Is - ICE & Hybrid Competitor! 🥊

    I’ve never been a fan of the Taco, but man I like this. Just got finished reading up on it. There is a lot to like. My only disappointment is that Toyota isn’t offering a plugin hybrid. I suspect there will be a BEV version at some point. A very nice truck. Heck we’re getting a lot of nice mid...
  9. Sgt Beavis

    Brake pad wear?

    Boy that response sounds fishy. I guess I’ll check my brakes today. I’m at 16000 miles and do a lot of my driving in the mountains. I barely use my brakes. Especially when compared to braking on my Jeep.
  10. Sgt Beavis

    Window trim lifting

    My window trim started coming up on Thursday. I’ve got a ticket in but the mobile repair wont be out until May 25th. Not sure I want to leave it like this for a week and a half. I’m debating getting some 3M double sided tape and fixing it myself.
  11. Sgt Beavis

    CO Steamboat chargepoint dcfc upgrade!

    The Chargepoint in Georgetown, CO is in the process of being upgraded. It shows it can do 200kW but was only charging 41kW. I suspect they simply aren’t finished with the upgrade since some crates were left at the site.
  12. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado Checking In

    Fallout from these storms is that CenturyLink internet has now been out for two days. I swear, their network is built on tissue paper.
  13. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado Checking In

    Truck is unharmed. I should have been more clear. This is a claim for the hail damage to my roof.
  14. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado Checking In

    I filled my claim with Rivian/Nationwide insurance. It’ll be interesting to see how it goes with them.
  15. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado Checking In

    Batten down the hatches kids. The fun is about to start.
  16. Sgt Beavis

    Colorado Checking In

    Did anyone’s vehicle get caught in last nights hailstorm? Thank God for clean garages. There are going to be a lot of home and auto insurance claims this morning.
  17. Sgt Beavis

    Vehicle Observation on the Roads - Not Great for Rivian

    Anecdotal observations are still anecdotal.
  18. Sgt Beavis

    2023 Proxy Statement

    I’ve gotta get off my rear and read this thing tonight.
  19. Sgt Beavis

    RAN Rivian Charging Stations Locations Map via Google Maps

    I thought the Broomfield, CO location was about to come online. Last week the chargers were uncovered and turned on, just offline. Today they are once again covered up. However, I noticed that the pull through charger has been For me, the only downside is that I’ll rarely ever use these...