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  1. obfuscurity

    Long Way Up

    Oddly enough, I'd never heard of the "Long Way Up" documentary on Apple TV+ until somone mentioned it at a Rivian / cars & coffee event yesterday. I was already aware of Ewan McGregor's interest in electric vehicles after seeing a video of him driving his EV West-converted '54 oval window...
  2. obfuscurity

    Maryland Sold: FS 22" Brights as set or spares - $2500 (pending)

    This set of four bright 22's came factory with my Dec 2022 R1T. This week I swapped out to the factory 20's so these tires are now available as a full set or as individual spares. The odometer read 4,722 miles when the Richmond SC removed these from my truck. All of the wheels and tires are in...
  3. obfuscurity

    Buy wheels only (no tires) from Rivian?

    I have appointment for the Richmond SC next week to swap my wheels and tires from 22's to 20's. Does anyone know if Rivian will allow me to purchase just the wheels and tpms and have my choice of tires installed elsewhere? I want to say I've heard of others doing this but I'm not sure if it was...
  4. obfuscurity

    Maryland Sold: 1EV Jack Pucks with case

    I have a never-used set of 1EV magnetic jack pucks (Christmas gift) that need a new home. They're super jealous of my DCE rock sliders so I'd like to find them a family that will appreciate and give them the love and attention they deserve. Asking $150 100 OBO.
  5. obfuscurity

    Broken floor mat retainer

    Started my first service request with the Rivian R1T today, figured I'd share this story as it unfolds in case anyone else is curious about what to expect from Rivian Service. A couple weeks ago, my daughter pointed out that half of the rear floor mat in our R1T was loose, flopping around and...
  6. obfuscurity

    Front trunk not latching (sometimes)

    Anyone experienced issues with the frunk not latching shut? I had a few attempts tonight when pressing the button under the frunk or via the internal display where it refused to latch. Reattempting would sometimes work, but I had one sequence where I tried at least 3 times unsuccessfully; I...
  7. obfuscurity

    Rivian Blue == VW Beetle Sea Blue?

    I haven't seen any mention of this on the forum, but I'm pretty convinced that Rivian Blue is strongly inspired by the mid-1960's VW Beetle Sea Blue. I always loved that color and it was one of the reasons I fell in love with this particular Rivian color. Googling for the Sea Blue paint chips...
  8. obfuscurity

    Still watching Matt's Off-Road Recovery for first R1T / R1S

    for the first appearance of an R1T or R1S to get recovered in SW Utah. I figure it's just a matter of time... any volunteers? 😆🍌🚙