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  1. NashvilleR1S

    Anyone figure out how to get ride of the crossbar whistle sound?

    Love this. Too bad I can't find it in stock anywhere. But if that's where the whistle is coming from I can figure something else out.
  2. NashvilleR1S

    Anyone figure out how to get ride of the crossbar whistle sound?

    I love the look of the cargo crossbars, don't mind the negligible range hit, but the dang whistle sound is about to make me take them off for good. It's so high pitched at anything over 30 mph. Anyone figure out a good solve to this yet?
  3. NashvilleR1S

    Launch mode not as good after update

    Definitely a noticeable delay for me in sport mode doing a launch.
  4. NashvilleR1S

    2023.10.1 Killed my speakers...but a hard reset fixed it.

    Mine did it again literally yesterday! Sleep cycle fixed it. First time hard reset fixed it, but just make sure to call rivian to have them talk you through the hard reset.
  5. NashvilleR1S

    Really need Trip A/B efficiency readily available - preferably on driver display…

    I agree it should be available, but you know you can constantly monitor efficiency on the driver's screen right?
  6. NashvilleR1S

    First Road Trip in R1S – Observations/Range/Questions

    My lifetime(since feb) on 20s is 2.1, but since it's been warmer I've been averaging 2.3+ on drives. Not a lot of highway driving though.
  7. NashvilleR1S

    2023.14.0 Software Update NICE! New Gear Guard App w/ Drive Cam

    Updating now! Also yes the app updated about a week or two ago. 1.13.0 What folder do I need to add to a drive to set it up again?
  8. NashvilleR1S

    First Road Trip in R1S – Observations/Range/Questions

    I turned off the lane departure warnings day 1 and haven't regretted it. Also I don't think the tailgate can remember a height, but you can press the button again mid opening to stop it.
  9. NashvilleR1S

    Let’s Talk Camera Issues!

    Mine goes green every once in a while. Mainly with gear guard. Also, while we're talking cameras, can anyone actually see anything on them at night? My gear guard videos from nighttime are almost completely black.
  10. NashvilleR1S

    Show off your dashcam memory card install

    Has anyone tried any wifi compatible drives/flash drives? It'd be great to connect it to the vehicles hotspot and view videos on your phone whenever.
  11. NashvilleR1S

    Rivian has Launch Mode......

    Yep! Sport mode, lowest, stiff, reduced stability...tell your passengers to lean back...
  12. NashvilleR1S

    R1S Roof Shade - found a good one

    Does anyone make one that looks better? Ive seen a few for the R1T.
  13. NashvilleR1S

    A Week Into Ownership...

    I mean I know I got an amazing vehicle...but am I sad that I didn't get a cool care package? Maybe...
  14. NashvilleR1S

    Underbody panels... Bolts issues ... They got this under control?

    Checked mine again, one is gone. Time for mobile service...
  15. NashvilleR1S

    R1S sighting on the Big Island of Hawaii

    This thread is super helpful for someone considering moving to Hawaii... Might be messaging all of you soon.
  16. NashvilleR1S

    Is the camera quality still bad?

    Agreed. It's not crystal clear, especially switching from beautiful graphics pages...but then I get in my wife's '22 pilot with a screen 1/4 the size and I realize the Rivian is great.
  17. NashvilleR1S

    Unfortunate situation... how to charge my R1T in apartment complex?

    Too late to find an apartment complex with a 240 outlet in a garage? Or a rental house might serve you better. If there is an electrical panel in the garage, install a 240 in there and ask for forgiveness if they notice....
  18. NashvilleR1S

    LinerX Floormats (All Three Rows) & Cargomat Liners (R1S/R1T)

    Give me the cargo liner immediately.