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  1. stynes

    Trailhead Parking Guidance

    I'm going into the mountains this weekend - NC from Atlanta, up 515 to 74. I'll be parked at a trailhead for 2 nights. I'll be right at 100mi from the most convenient DCFC. I'll try to top off there (or close to it) on my way up. It'll then be 100mi to the trailhead, a 2 night wait with lows in...
  2. stynes

    Driver+ / Highway Assist vs. Tesla Autopilot: An Extensive Owner's Review

    I’ve been on a road trip through the NE for the last 10 days that put 2,800 miles on my R1S over 55 hours driving. Having spent time using Autopilot in my M3, I couldn’t help but compare Highway Assist (HA) and Autopilot (AP). I thought this comparison might me helpful to others and I’m curious...
  3. stynes

    Road Trip Recommendations

    I took delivery of my R1S back in October and I'm leaving on my first long distance (>2600mi) road trip on Monday after Christmas. This will be my first non-Tesla long distance EV trip of any kind and I think we all know how easy the Tesla network is vs. the patchwork of EA, EVGo, ChargePoint...
  4. stynes

    Beeping Sound After Starting Drive

    I took delivery of my R1S a couple of weeks ago. While I've really enjoyed it so far, there's a distinct beep or tone coming from the rear anytime I start driving. When I leave home, I back out of the garage and half to 3/4 way down my 100' driveway, there are some mechanical noises followed by...
  5. stynes

    Additional Wind Noise from Crossbars

    I took delivery of my R1S a couple of weeks ago and my crossbars came in yesterday. I put them on the front two positions and first thought it, man they're sharp looking. They make the R1S look even sportier. Second finding was they give off a distinctly audible high pitched whistle virtually...
  6. stynes

    Feature Questions from a New Owner

    A few questions that have come up. I messaged my guide but no response yet. I tried reading (searching, more accurately) the manual. So questions... Crossbars. When did everyone else receive those? I think they were shipped to people's home? I didn't get them at delivery and was so excited...
  7. stynes

    My R1S Delivery & Initial Thoughts!

    I was finally able to take delivery today in Atlanta. I know the signatures don't show up well on mobile devices so I'll post the timeline from my signature here. Pre-order: December 3, 2018. R1S LE, Launch Green, Black Mountain interior, 22" Sport Bright, underbody shield May/June...