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  1. brandanop

    Pet Owners Rejoice! Sneak Peek at the excellent Canvasback 1-Piece R1S Cargo Cover Prototype

    update! Product link from canvasback: https://www.canvasback.com/rivian-r1s-cargo-cover.html See below reply for more links as well. Back in late February, I contacted Canvasback, Inc. to ask them if they had an R1S cargo cover that covered the gaps between the rows when the seats were down...
  2. brandanop

    Rivian Cargo Crossbars installed on LA Silver R1S roof + height measurements

    My LA Silver R1S with cargo crossbars installed. I just measured the height to the top of the crossbars in standard height and it was 6’3.25” (or 75.25” or 191.135cm). Here is a pic at Standard Height in my small Garage.