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  1. Tyker

    Outdoor Driveway Charging Outlet/EVSE?

    While I do not have a lot of knowledge in this subject, any charge point that has a ccs interface will charge a Rivian. There is certainly speculation they will sell their own chargers too
  2. Tyker

    Adventurous Forever video series launched by Rivian

    My excitement just continues to build exponentially, can late 2020 get here fast enough?
  3. Tyker

    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    I really like the etron. Tech is on point, ride is smooth, convenience of Audi dealerships near by, etc. the 3D camera/360 degree overhead view is simply amazing, and very responsive. 200 mile range isn’t really a big deal because I would just use my wife’s car for travel. They couldn’t give me...
  4. Tyker

    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    I was there today. Heard a lot of similar things as posted here. Other things I did learn: There will be true blind spot monitoring in the side view mirrors. Sirius xm will be available 360 degree camera will be present Rear zone climate control is standard on all trims There will be an...
  5. Tyker

    Georgia anyone?

    Ironically I’m a Vol!
  6. Tyker

    Georgia anyone?

    Soon to be, moving there for work! Saw there was a $2500 vehicle state rebate in the senate that was introduced this past year but couldn’t figure out any real details or when voting would happen, hope it passes in time for Rivian.
  7. Tyker

    Attending Fully Charged Live in Austin?

    Something work related came up on Saturday so I'll be there Sunday. Heard Jester King Brewery is a top notch place with excellent food as a plus, too lazy to see how close it is.
  8. Tyker

    "... Rivian will integrate Alexa into its electric pickup and SUV"

    I am also hoping for some new juicy info from CES, otherwise I will be at fully charged with my ongoing list of questions to which I anticipate several "we will disclose at a later time" responses.
  9. Tyker

    "... Rivian will integrate Alexa into its electric pickup and SUV"

    I had read/saw in a video about the bed camera that if someone cuts the lock it activates so you can see who is stealing your stuff. Jury appears to still be out about some sort of "sentry mode" will be included.
  10. Tyker

    Fisker Ocean

    Henrik Fisker debuted his Fisker Ocean electric crossover today. He’s the designer of the Karma (which went bankrupt and was bought by a Chinese company and is now simply the brand Karma). Anyhoo besides the really cheesy/cringy opening it really seems similar to the Mach E. (250-300) mile...
  11. Tyker

    R1T $69,000 starting price - opinions

    This has been confirmed by A Rivian engineer in a video I’ve seen.
  12. Tyker

    Rivian R1T Colors - Previews

    Same, I was hoping they would release something intriguing in the days following the Tesla truck reveal. Guess I'll just continue to look for South America updates heh.
  13. Tyker

    Rivian vs. Cybertruck

    Doubtful, but they also aren’t traded publicly
  14. Tyker

    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    Welp, can't imagine seeing many of these here in Texas. Or anywhere.
  15. Tyker

    Rivian trademarks TANK TURN! Now with official video.

    I think the newer fully charged video suggested it as a feature on a shorter wheelbase vehicle, but there was that r1t YouTube video that was out there clearly showing the r1t doing a tank turn, so who knows
  16. Tyker

    Any clues on build/price date?

    Will be interesting to see just how customizable these will be, from a scale of Tesla to Porsche, hopefully something in the middle
  17. Tyker

    Tesla Truck Unveiling 11/21

    I’m not sure any presentation could sway myself towards the “cybertruck” at this point. Interested to see what it has to offer but Elon’s descriptions are not of a vehicle I’m interested in, as well as all the anecdotal poor quality and customer service discussion regarding Tesla in general...
  18. Tyker

    What would you like to see on your new Rivian or from the Rivian company??

    I too am interested in HUD and a 360 view camera. Emailed Rivian about them but they wouldn't bite.