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    Michigan bill to ban direct sales

    Don’t you know a letter gets you a standard letter back with nothing to do with your opinion?
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    Driver Seat Memory Feature

    If the app is going to require a monthly fee forget it. Monthly fees are becoming a scam.
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    Tailgate gooseneck hinge

    A lot of "I heard" on this forum but nothing from Rivian. Very interesting.
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    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    I made this point about the difference in wheels earlier. We just go around and around hearing ourselves commenting on the same issue. I should start a thread titled over and over again.
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    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    Until the hurricane knocks out the power:CWL::CWL:
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    When is the earliest we'll be on the hook to make a purchase?

    I think some people just get a kick starting threads no matter how ridiculous.
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    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    I might just have the wheels painted. I know the dark wheels are a different style so I will have to get a better look of the silver 20" to know if it is even worth that cost. There appears to be some sort of plastic center piece on the 20".
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    Launch Edition R1T & R1S get 20" black wheel option

    I wanted the dark but not paying $3500 for a free option.
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    13 Rivian Charging Stations Installed According to PowerFlex

    I already have Clipper Creek in my garage, just send me the sticker.
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    Realistic Delivery Schedule?

    I think 10000 R1T’s in 2021 will be a Stretch.
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    Heads up display

    We want so much for the LE that we're not getting.
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    Paint: Can someone please explain how Rivian can justify charging $1,500/$2,500 for select colors?

    I'm just going to ignore this thread. That is much easier than getting fired up with all of this nonsense.
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    Will Rivian offer a home charging system?

    It doesn't matter unless you just want to see their name on the unit.
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    EV versus ICE Cost of Ownership calculator

    Your next move should be to unsubscribe to this forum.
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    Forest Edge People

    Yes I also selected Rivian Blue but planning on switching to Forest Green with the green interior. I'm waiting for the dark 20" wheels to show up as a choice before I do anything. A long shot is the 400+ battery if it doesn't push the build out too far. I'm an LE holder. As far as resale I would...
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    (Bed) size matters

    If the vehicle isn't going to work for you move on.
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    Smart move.