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    Sizing up the R1T - Exterior dimensions, specs, details and updates!

    No price on the air compressor accessory kit - that’s not comforting.
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    When Did You Pre-Order Your Rivian?

    I placed my preorder for an R1T the day before you on 5/27/20, order no. 50255.
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    What Else Are You Considering?

    Had a reservation on the Lordstown Endurance - canceled it. Had a reservation on the Nikola Badger - canceled it. Had a reservation on the new Ford Bronco - canceled it Have a reservation on the Cybertruck - still have it just in case things with Rivian go south, which I don’t expect to happen...
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    Amazon’s Rivian van begins delivering packages in its third U.S. city

    I’m in Tulsa too - we need to meet up when we get ours! Which will be “soon”. 😆
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    Chase Auto Financing Rates now available for 2022 Rivian

    So according to Chase LE reservation holders are getting 2022 models? I figured they were 2021s...
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    Dcbel Charger=Home DC and V2H

    I have natural gas heat, but an electric blower on it - so when my power goes out I have no heat.
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    What EV Charger will you Buy?

    This will be my first electric vehicle, so I’m new to the whole charger thing - but I’m thinking I’ll just have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed in my garage and use the compatible charging cord that comes with the R1T. Other than a faster charging rate, what will I be missing out on by not...
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    Who will get battery supply preference? Us or Amazon?

    Didn’t know the rear door of the Amazon electric vans would be blue as opposed to body-colored doors on the ICE vans. I wish they would have kept recording and asking questions of the driver, as well as just letting him talk - might have revealed more nuggets we didn’t know.
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    Test Drive 2021

    Yep - I did two different test drives of a Tesla in Oklahoma during the pandemic. Each time an advisor just gave me a quick rundown on how to operate the car, then gave me the key card and said “have it back in 30 minutes or so”.
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    Difficulty repairing launch green paint damage?

    ^^^This. Even without a paint code, a good body shop (or their distributor) should have a spectrophotometer that they can use on a sample of the paint to determine its precise formulation. Sherwin-Williams has one for house interior and exterior colors - I’ve had them use that method several...
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    BlackVue 900x Dash Cam

    I’ve used Blackvue dashcams for years; currently have 3 Blackvue DR750S-2CH cams. Two of those are in my current Ram pickup, with one set of cams monitoring the front and rear and one set each side of the truck. The Blackvues are on the high end (both cost and resolution wise) of dashcams, but...
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    Estimated time wait if ordering now?

    My best guess is that if you ordered a Rivian tomorrow you’re looking at a minimum of one year before taking delivery on it - and likely quite a bit longer.
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    Does anyone actually like the wood in the Black Mountain interior?

    I want the option for a wrap like Ricky Bobby’s car.
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    EV break in requirements

    I’m really hoping my brand new R1T has absolutely no breaks...
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    Fridge slide?

    I haven’t heard this expression since college... ✌🏻
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    Bloomberg Article on Rivian Production & Volume

    I had to quit watching this interview halfway through because I found myself getting mad at how many times the Rivian employee said the word “customer “ - I am your customer, I’ve identified myself for you by giving you $1,000!! I therefore made your job easier, so give me some info about your...
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    Secure Storage?

    There probably should be a release mechanism inside the gear tunnel that would allow it to open when the vehicle is in park so that my grandkids can let themselves out when I stop. 🤣
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    Rivian Hires Nick Mulholland To Lead Expanding Comms Team

    So we get a communication from Rivian that they’ve hired someone to oversee their communications? 🤔 How about communicating info about your vehicles direct to your customers?