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  1. EyeOnRivian

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    To be honest I was surprised they were even doing new construction. According to previous Rivian articles I've read and even Customer Service reps I've talked to, Rivian's first choice is to repurpose an existing structure like they're doing in I believe Laguna Beach, CA. I somehow was under...
  2. EyeOnRivian

    R1S and R1T increases in width?

    Rivian website now reports the R1S and R1T specs for "Width (side mirrors folded)" as 82 in. Was 79 in. I doubt the body width increased by 3 inches. I suspect either the mirrors don't retract as much, or the mirrors got bigger (different style or type?) or Rivian just simply fixed a typo...
  3. EyeOnRivian

    Rivian Service Centers / Retail Locations List / Other Facilities

    It would seem they still have a ways to go for the Chicago location. After my mass vaccination shift at the United Center I drove by the Rivian "Customer Engagement Center" in the Fulton Market area and took the following pictures ...
  4. EyeOnRivian

    Tent for R1T - how about an option to self-level the truck?

    If it does I would hope it's not limited to just the R1T as I'm sure many R1S owners will camp within the cargo area. Most references I've seen to "camping mode" is in reference to Tesla's, where minimally the HVAC and infotainment systems are available while all other systems are shut down...
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    Introducing Rivian Guides Program: A dedicated Guide for your entire Rivian ownership

    Exactly. As RJ said in the video, the "entire ownership process." E.g. discussing particulars of their purchasing options, delivery, trade-ins, vehicle options that become available not only before purchase but after, servicing and maintenance, providing feedback, etc. I would go as far to say...
  6. EyeOnRivian

    Rivian removable speaker - best look at the removable Bluetooth speaker

    I previously saw a video (before it got banned) showing where but don't recall. I want to say lower front console area? I'm pretty sure @skyote and @jimcgov3 saw the video so one of them may recall where.
  7. EyeOnRivian

    Introducing Rivian Guides Program: A dedicated Guide for your entire Rivian ownership

    2nd row middle section independently reclines? Check! (0:47 into video) Recently pondered in another thread (forum? Can't find it here). Well, that's one less unknown. Only dozenS more to go.
  8. EyeOnRivian

    [R1T on Cover] Consumer Reports April 2021 Best&Worst

    There's already a thread on this - [R1T on Cover] Consumer Reports April 2021 Best&Worst
  9. EyeOnRivian

    RJ posts interior video of R1S w/ seats folded flat

    A 2nd row split of 40/20/40 makes more sense IMO especially if the middle section can independently fold down. Helps with carrying long items without a roof rack system (e.g. skis and poles) while allowing the two rear passengers to sit further a part for comfort and that virus thing. Plus...
  10. EyeOnRivian

    Only 85 Days until the start of deliveries

    I like your optimism. I consider myself a half-glass full person but also someone that's practical and realistic. The latter has served me well to reduce being set up for disappointment which unfortunately I'm afraid is all that this countdown will accomplish. I can count on both hands...
  11. EyeOnRivian

    Fridge slide?

    Your concerns certainly seem warranted but unfortunately I don't have an answer with regards to installing it in the bed. However, depending on the size of the fridge, what about installing it in the gear tunnel. The pull out camp kitchen utilizes tracks/rails in GT, so perhaps something...
  12. EyeOnRivian

    Will Rivian offer sophisticated Alarm/Security (like T's Sentry)

    The OP implies a comparison to Tesla's Sentry mode, however, Gear Guard is not really applicable to any of the Tesla models (yet). Unless this thread is meant just for the R1T then it's also not really applicable to the overall security available to both R1 models. I'm very interested in what...
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    (re)Charging etiquette

    I would too ... but perhaps best to do it over in the Chat Lounge: Off-Topic Discussions
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    Poll: Rivian Factory Delivery & Tour

    True to form, when Rivian provides info it typically leads to more questions. The obvious one here for me is will there still be a delivery charge for this "primary experience" and what will it include? Until that's revealed I'm going to stick with my initial plan and take delivery at the...
  15. EyeOnRivian

    "Israeli 5-minute battery charge aims to fire up electric cars"

    Another possible contender in the race for faster charging? Source: Israeli 5-minute battery charge aims to fire up electric cars Alexandra Vardi March 6, 2021, 9:59 pm From flat battery to full charge in just...
  16. EyeOnRivian

    Whats the R1T/R1S expected Reliability?

    Thanks guys, totally agree on your points and had already considered them. I guess I'm more about discussing the facts then contributing to the abundance of conjecture that already exists. I think it's called RSS - Rivian Stealth Syndrome. :bandit: No worries, carry on.
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    New EV Charger ready and awaiting the R1T (Dino Electric)

    Your post made me smile. My dad also had various gas stations (one at a time) over say 30-35 yrs. He was also a stickler about providing the customer with the "full service" experience. He's ethos to his workers was I'm not paying you to sit around, there's always something that needs to be...
  18. EyeOnRivian

    Whats the R1T/R1S expected Reliability?

    Agree. So what am I missing here by asking this forum to answer a similar poll with the same lack of information? (not trying to be a smarta$$, just looking for some clarity.)