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    What will we learn on Thursday? A Predictions Thread...

    Same, went by early last week. Frame and a beehive of construction.
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    Rivian RT1 / R1S will be delivered with 80-90% charge

    Yep, in Chicago and would love the idea of taking public transit all the way to pick up the Rivian. There doesn’t seem to be anything connecting the Rivian factory and Bloomington station, so I’d hope the gang will prep some kind of shuttle.
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    Industry Report: R1T, R1S, R2R production start / end dates and model life duration! (+ Tesla Cybertruck, Cybervan, Hummer EV) 🗓

    Exactly. I used to compile “development pipeline” lists like this for an IHS competitor in another industry and this just looks like the analyst’s best “educated guess.” Better than random internet speculation (often we would have word-of-mouth data from other players in the item/project’s...
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    20" R1T All-Terrain wheels now an option for the R1S

    Great catch!! It's obscene how excited I am by this. Was the single largest reservation I had about the whole thing. Now just to hope they don't obliterate range.