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    Roof Top Tents

    I am a big fan of the Roofnest Condor XL - sleeps a family of 4, size of a queen, and fits well on my Honda CRV. 0% interest if you take the 1 year pay off. Was like 3,000. (Hard top). 45 sec to open; 2-3 to fully close and drive away.
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    North East roll call

    Lived in Astoria for a few months many years ago. Great place.
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    North East roll call

    Long Island NY LE R1S. Been changing between Forest Green and White.
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    RJ posts interior video of R1S w/ seats folded flat

    Can you post it? And boo forum for doing that. That would just make people go to other places.
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    RJ posts interior video of R1S w/ seats folded flat

    I think they did a great job - whatever incline they baked it in across all the rows. Like sleeping on a very slight incline (which I am fine with).
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    Bloomberg Article on Rivian Production & Volume

    I agree with much of this. Tesla is far from a good analogy - indeed the facts I cited would never apply to Rivian in a similar situation in part because of the capital they have on their balance sheet (all as you point out). The general point is that cancellations can get surprisingly high...
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    Bloomberg Article on Rivian Production & Volume

    In the unauthorized bio about Musk, they discussed how high the cancellation rate was for Tesla's first mass car, the S. I don't remember, but it was pretty high, to the point engineers and all were on hands to call in customers to lock in reservations. Given that a pandemic has hit, my guess...
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    (re)Charging etiquette

    Share more - never heard of this . . . . Darn thread drift.
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    5 Seat versus 7 seat

    I called C S some time ago and they said 3 degrees. Not sure what that means practically
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    Missing Launch Features

    I went with Launch Edition, but with the lack of details, I would consider cancelling my LE and seeing what the longer range is on the R1s. Hopefully, they will release the longer range R1s info before I have to make a decision. But my car works fine now, so if I cancel if forced to choose...
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    Rivian Bucket List - where will we go?

    Appreciate any input. I clearly made some assumptions. I thought there were three lines. I assumed Amazon would always be on one line, skateboard on second, and then switching b/w R1s and R1t as needed. For some reason, I drew the conclusion based on the rollout dates and that the model we...
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    When will more options become live?

    You forgot really soon! : )
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    Rivian Bucket List - where will we go?

    I think you will be ahead of all the Launch R1s's given the R1t priority. I just assumed that even though I preordered May 2019, because R1t is launched first, they will do all those Launch orders and then go on to LE R1s. Also, Trandall, check out Great discussion of NY ski...
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    Rivian Bucket List - where will we go?

    Hi all - At some point, I want to visit all these places out west that you are posting about. In the mean time, I plan to take this on the beaches of Long Island (very fine sand) for some good fishing and maybe surfing (I am a poor surfer). Getting this into the Catskills and ADKs for some...
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    Overhead (drone) and underbody video of a charging R1T

    Thanks! And please don't Rivian us to death (it is coming soon) : )
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    Rivian plans to manufacture solid-state batteries

    Agree 100% I have a Samsung TV (only one we have) that is from 2009. Works great. Not very smart. I plan to just drive this as long as it lasts. I have never been someone who has to have the latest or greatest. What drove me to Rivian is the combination of electric and offroad/yes...
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    Rivian Adventure Network (RAN) Charging Station Specs Revealed: 300kW with 200-920V Output

    Someone should start a bucket list -place thread for when we get Rivians!!!!
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    Roof Rack

    Thanks, M. I am kind of giving up on asking at this point. The last time I was asking about cold weather stuff, they said, really, really soon now, and then a few days later the video came out. It and the story didn't answer all my questions, but some. So, I have drawn the conclusion that...
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    Roof Rack

    Close, I think. There is a static weight limit, which I think you are talking about, and a dynamic (driving) limit. My particular tent has a weight rating of 8-900 pounds for static load, but it is a 4 person tent (comes out to slightly larger than a queen when open). The third factor is...
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    Real Rivian Photos & Videos

    1) Share when they are updating. 2) What a frustrating response. Just say - 'we are not telling you'. Soon from a geological perspective is different from that of a fruit fly. What does it mean. . . . .