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  1. EVTrukHog

    Pelican/Roam type Rugged Case Organizers

    What are you using to organize your camping/overlanding gear in your rugged cases? ...not talking about lid organizers (which are abundant from manufacturers) but larger rugged cases that are 80+L in size. Does your gear just get piled into the case, or have you found an organization solution?
  2. EVTrukHog

    Mounting hardware for Pelican case to vertical bed rack?

    I'm wanting to mount a couple of Pelican 1525 cases to the vertical face(s) of a bed rack (either attach to molle panel or slotted horizontal rails)... can anyone identify and/or recommend mounting hardware/bracket that will facilitate this mount without having to drill holes in the Pelican...
  3. EVTrukHog

    270 Awnings on R1T - Whatcha got?

    I'm shopping for a 270 awning to fit R1T. Goal is to provide some side coverage as well as tailgate coverage to facilitate cooking on the tailgate. Does anyone have a 270 setup on their R1T that you like/recommend? Pics? Thanks!
  4. EVTrukHog

    Ocean Coast Interior: Cleaning soiled / dirty alcantara headliner

    I was frustrated when my R1T was returned from Service Center with a soiled head liner adjacent to driver window: Careless mechanic aside, this was my fear about the lighter colored headliner after several months of usage. I had some Folex carpet cleaner in the cabinet so used some of it on...
  5. EVTrukHog

    Manual winch for R1T?

    Has anyone found a manual winch beefy enough for recovery usage for the R1T but nimble enough to be portable...at a reasonable cost? I assume it would need to be 5 ton to 6 ton pulling capacity. I've seen some in the $3500+ price range which seems high for a manual winch. Anyone found any...
  6. EVTrukHog

    Off-Road Tire Pressure?

    I have 20"AT on my R1T. Door panel label specifies 48psi for road use. What is recommended pressure for off-road? Rivian recommended minimum for 20" is 31 psi. What do you use while off-road?
  7. EVTrukHog

    R1T Bed Rack: Sierra Rack System

    I stumbled across these today online...anyone have first hand experience? impressions? https://range-industries.com/products/rivian-r1t-sierra-rack-system
  8. EVTrukHog

    New Gear Test: iKamper RTT, Yakima Slim Shady, Yakima Skinny Warrior

    I’ve been acquiring some new gear over the last couple of months and finally got the opportunity for an outing last week. Basic setup is an iKamper Skycamp mini 3.0 mounted on the bed rails. I added the iKamper awning to this setup…was skeptical that the R1T bed mount would be high enough to...
  9. EVTrukHog

    Rivian Service Centers: Master List of Locations?

    Has anyone developed a current list of Rivian Service Center locations? I haven't seen one... just learned from Service Advisor that a Memphis Service Center recently opened. This list would be helpful if one travels - or in my case, I'm about equidistant from three Service Centers and I'm...
  10. EVTrukHog

    Rivian Gear Shop has restocked Crossbars!

    Just got notified that the Rivian Gear Shop has restocked crossbars and is available to anyone that has been waiting for them! Cheers!
  11. EVTrukHog

    Dometic CFX3 35 Cooler: Impact to R1T battery level after 24 HR of 120V connection

    I recently did a garage test of the impact of plugging a new Dometic CFX3 35 cooler into the 120V auxiliary outlet in bed of R1T. I started with a pre-cooled temperature setting in the CFX3 of 36F. Outside temperatures ranged from low 50s to low 70s during test period. No direct sun as truck...
  12. EVTrukHog

    A/C not blowing cold air?

    Just curious if anyone has experienced the air conditioning failing to blow cold air? Fan blower works normal but not blowing cold air. Have tried recirc/fresh air setting but no joy. Hard reset didn't fix it. Service has referred it to diagnostics but haven't heard from them...
  13. EVTrukHog

    Electric Coolers - worth the cost?

    For the car campers, is the electric cooler a “must have” or just a luxury item? Are you using an external battery apart from your R1? If not, are you using 12V or 120V Rivian supply? My outings are typically 2-3 nights at a time. I’m rarely space limited because it’s just me. My coolers...
  14. EVTrukHog

    RV Park as a Charging Station Option?

    In many of our rural areas there are huge gaps in public L2/L3 chargers, but there are plethora of RV Parks - most all of which have 50amp electrical connections. Does anyone have experience approaching RV Park manager(s) about allowing EV to plug in for a charging session? Do they charge a...
  15. EVTrukHog

    IKAMPER DISCO SERIES MODULAR KITCHEN experience / review / feedback?

    https://ikamper.com/products/disco-series/?gclid=CjwKCAjw-rOaBhA9EiwAUkLV4kc07ftZ_xWpZQinE2jG7YZCo4G3NZftUmQPE1Wge-eF29VeQx-iHxoCUaIQAvD_BwE Does anyone have first hand experience with the iKamper Disco Series modular kitchen? The Rivian Camp Kitchen was one of the unique and attractive...
  16. EVTrukHog

    Error Message: Charging Unavailable until Serviced

    Has anyone else received this message? I've gotten it a couple of times this week upon attempt to start the vehicle. It flashes the message and refuses to shift out of park. Has always reset itself upon a soft reboot or exiting the vehicle and re-awakening/opening it back up. Have a service...
  17. EVTrukHog

    Registration Improvement!

    With the large number of registration delays and frustrated experiences on this forum, my expectations had been tempered accordingly; however, my experience was quite the contrary! After picking up my truck at the factory in Normal, IL on Friday, Sept 30th, I received the manufacturer title and...
  18. EVTrukHog

    First EV drive: 500 mile trip home - first impressions

    First time EV owner here. Took delivery of R1T at factory and my first drive was a 500 mile trip home from Normal. I’ve read about every post on this forum over the last 18 months and watched countless R1T YouTube videos, so I was familiar with the R1T but had never driven EV other than 20 min...
  19. EVTrukHog

    👷‍♂️ Just completed Rivian Factory Tour / Delivery and first EV trip in Limestone R1T!

    This happened on really short notice - so it was a bit of a whirlwind - but I was able to complete a factory tour and pick up of my new R1T Limestone/OC/Dark 20AT on the final day of Q3. It was a great experience! Here are some of the highlights of the tour and inaugural EV trip home. I flew...
  20. EVTrukHog

    Charging Extension Cables?

    I see Lectron makes a 20‘ and 40’ extension cable. What are thoughts about need to carry one of these in vehicle? I can imagine configuration of charging station or getting ICEd might make this a handy workaround. Are they safe? Thanks for any input.