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  1. EVTrukHog

    2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    My port door was back to the chop chop mode this morning... like to trying to take cheese from a mouse trap. Surely they'll address this glitch soon... :rolleyes:
  2. EVTrukHog

    Uh, you're gonna need a bigger garage!

    We installed these parking targets on both sides of the garage... direct adhesive to concrete floor. Properly measured, it makes it easy to pull in and just roll over the target bumper...then know you have rear clearance to shut the garage door. This works great for us...
  3. EVTrukHog

    See your vehicle's current location

    I've had similar experience checking location while R1T is being hauled. There must be something about moving the truck while it sleeps that gets it out-of-sync with GPS system.
  4. EVTrukHog

    2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    My charging port door worked as advertised this morning... all good! It remained open until I shifted into gear - then closed automatically. It does appear the update increased the closure speed of the door.
  5. EVTrukHog

    2023.10.0 software update OTA released. Includes Tesla Supercharger network option and 12v battery draining issue fix

    same experience for me this morning... caught me off guard. I'm hoping that was a one-off occurrence after waking from the update cycle. We'll see tomorrow morning...
  6. EVTrukHog

    Who has the furthest delivery from a service center

    I'm almost equidistant between three service centers: 245 miles to Olathe, KS 320 miles to Memphis, TN 335 miles to Dallas, TX My R1T has been hauled to both the Olathe, KS and Dallas, TX service centers. I've appreciated Rivian service techs looking at backlog within each service center as...
  7. EVTrukHog

    What do you want addressed in the next OTA update?

    Allow us to plug light accessories into the trailer hitch low voltage connection without triggering tow mode limitations.
  8. EVTrukHog

    2018 Orders Still Pending

    You've earned it! ...not sure there's an older reservation holder on this forum that hasn't yet taken delivery!
  9. EVTrukHog

    2018 Orders Still Pending

    Be careful what you ask for... there are certainly some challenges with these vehicles living 300 miles from the Service Center. Arranging (paying) for flat bed haulers, taking time off work to get service work done, etc., etc.... it's not quite what we were led to believe back in 2019!
  10. EVTrukHog

    Küat: Piston® SR rack installed

    This is the setup I just installed this past weekend... coupled the BuiltRight molle panel with the Ride88 mounts. The molle panel has just enough flex in it that I'm concerned about the long term stability of this setup. I'll report back once I've used it for a while.
  11. EVTrukHog

    Küat: Piston® SR rack installed

    I agree... getting the heavy e-bikes into the bed of the truck is one thing...then having to lift them up onto bed rails is a lot of effort!
  12. EVTrukHog

    Taking Rivian to a tire shop for alignment and tire rotation

    Discount Tire did my rotation. They ended up using my pucks even though they had their own. Their biggest challenge was getting their floor jack to lift high enough... had to use some blocks. Once they entered my VIN, their computer system printed step-by-step instructions from Rivian for...
  13. EVTrukHog

    R1T and Mountain Biking

    Here’s my version of the Ride88 mounts attached to the BuiltRight molle panel. Used it for first time today. Not yet sure how I like it. The BR molle has a bit of flex in it that worries me about keeping the Ride88 attachment hardware tight. I may order the Ride88 utility track to provide a...
  14. EVTrukHog

    Truck not charging when plugged in

    If you're not seeing it with other chargers, I'd bet you have a circuit issue or need to have your home charger reset.
  15. EVTrukHog

    Truck not charging when plugged in

    What happens if you try the portable charger? ...or another Level2 charger? ...process of elimination.
  16. EVTrukHog

    Center Console/Camp Speaker

    Has anyone forensically opened up the OEM speaker? can it be gutted and re-purposed into a storage drawer?
  17. EVTrukHog

    If your AC is weak, make them check for a leak

    i had the same pinched O-ring and A/C problem within 35 days of getting my truck last fall. This is a thing on some builds.
  18. EVTrukHog

    Vampire drain - what's the latest battery % loss people are getting?

    Why does R1T need to send 580MB of data to AWS? Would disabling Alexa eliminate this?
  19. EVTrukHog

    What do you use your R1T bed for? (Picture Edition)

    What do you have mounted to crossbars in this photo?